In this digitized age, most businesses flourish if they have a strong and positive internet presence. With so many useful tools available, things have become quite convenient and the competition is fierce. From online shopping to booking flights, everything is very easy. I tend to find and compare cheap flights before I book one to get the best deal. If my experience goes pleasantly then I leave a positive review to help the airline. These days it’s quite common for people to want to share their experiences with others. I suppose this the digital version of word-of-mouth reputation.

Are Online Reviews Really Useful?

Review websites for online businesses

Yes, absolutely! You have more chances to get a customer if he or she read a positive review online. Similarly, if you get a negative review, you’ll know what your business is lacking and what your clients expect. I think it’s a great way to know about your customers and better your overall business. Research confirms that 4 out of 5 people may opt out from using your service if they come across negative feedback.

Now that everything is online the competition isn’t a joke, it’s understandable that people want the best of the best. And since you’re interested in online business, dear readers, then it is vital that you try to make a positive influence on the World Wide Web.


Review websites for online businesses - Trustpilot

This is an online review community where users share their experiences as a customer. Founded in Denmark in 2007, this website lists, as well as promotes, registered businesses for free but if you’d like extra promotion, you’ll have to pay suitable fees. Over the years, it has hosted over 20 million reviews of more than 130,000 businesses in different countries. If you register on their website as a business owner or as a manager, you can respond to Trustpilot reviews. To respond, you’ll need to log in and search for whatever review you’re looking for in the Service Reviews section.

Google My Business

Review websites for online businesses - Google my business

This is a free tool and lets businesses manage their online presence across Google. This way you’ll have a better chance coming up in Google Search results and show up higher on Google Maps. It goes without saying that Google is the top search engine online these days, performing over 3.5 billion searches every day so it is wise to try to reach the top of SERP results. To register with them, you simply need to give all the important information so Google can verify you as the owner of your webpage. After that, Google will put your business data across its many platforms, including but not limited to Maps and Google+ making it more likely for customers to find you. After that, you’ll get reviews on your business and the positive ones also boost up SEO, improving your overall credibility as a business owner.

If you have a really positive influence then you can even make it to Google’s Snack Pack, basically a top three listing of businesses most relevent to the user’s search. There may be a lot of controversy regarding Google’s decision to implement this but regardless if you make it to that list then your business will get quite the boost up in the market.


Review websites for online businesses - Yelp

This is a platform with its own app where consumers can easily publish reviews about local businesses. The best part of this platform is that it also teaches new business owners on how to respond to customer reviews, and even host social events if applicable to their Yelpers (reviewers). It also provides different data about your business, including health scores if you’re a part of the food industry. Over the years, Yelp has become quite popular for business reviews, hosting over 100 million reviews and still counting. Yelp is more of a community, encouraging people to leave reviews about different businesses while simultaneously reminding business owners that positive reviews make a lot of difference.

Since online reviews are gaining more importance by the day, it’ll do you good to pay serious attention to how many negative reviews you have. Trust me, if you own a small business, negative reviews will only turn clients away whereas a positively hilarious review on Yelp will do wonders for your business.


Review websites for online businesses - Tripadvisor

Essentially a travel website company where users share their experiences of different things abroad via reviews. Users can also book rooms in a number of available accommodations and even reserve a table at restaurants in over 25 countries. According to the World Travel Market, it is one of the most trusted websites for travel planning. So having good reviews here will not only give you a boost among locals, but also many tourists visiting your city. You can even respond to the reviews you get by registering through the TripAdvisor Management Center.