Turkey is a perfect holiday destination for everyone. It is overflowed with cultural cities, ancient monuments from the Roman-Byzantine time and Ottoman Empire, and a lot of natural sceneries. Located between two major continents of our planet Asia and Europe, Turkey holds quite a lot of significance in all parts of the world timeline. So, everyone can expect to see some amazing monuments and relics from the past. With such a diverse background comes a much diverse culture and tradition, followed by all the revealed and hidden places in Turkey that you can explore. So why not plan a Turkish trip to see what this country beholds?

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Turkey – A Finest Eurasian Destination

Turkey is blessed with beautiful people, amazing mountains, beaches, lakes, and some of the best cultural destinations. This dynamic hotspot of tourism allows everyone to explore what it has to offer. This land connects Asia with Europe over the Bosporus Strait, which makes Turkey special. For this reason, this part of the world was always important strategically, as many invaders who wanted to conquer Europe from Asia, and vice versa crossed this channel with their conquering armies, and into the history books. In the past, Turkey was controlled by Trojans, Greeks, Arcadians, Persians, Romans, Ottomans, and other empires.

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But today, Turkey is still facing an invasion from all parts of the world but in the form of swarming tourists. Local beaches, monuments, museums, and other important parts of this beautiful country are always overrun with tourists from all over the world. So, we recommend you plan a Turkish getaway and enjoy every second of your trip. If you are hesitant to go there due to some budget problems, we have a perfect solution just for you. Book cheap flights to Turkey from a renowned travel agency’s platform such as Dream World Travel. They can help you find a cheap ticket to your destination, as well as a suitable hotel for your accommodation, or even a complete holiday package. They are considered as one of the leading travel agencies and solutions based in the United Kingdom. So be wise, avail of their services, and enjoy an amazing Turkish vacation.

Places to Explore in Turkey 

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Turkey is full of some of the most unbelievable panoramas and historical monuments. So, for this reason, it is important to make research about those places so that you can add them to your itinerary. Don’t worry, we have got your back and mentioned the best places to visit on your Turkish trip. Just before you plan your trip, make sure you are completely aware of all COVID-19 local policies, SOPs, and rules. It will also help you plan a more convenient trip and you will be able to enjoy it more.


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Cappadocia is literally a heavenly place for all nature lovers and adventure seekers. The dreamy valley of pouncing hills is a perfect getaway for anyone who wants to get lost in a fantasy. Taking photographs there is equally exciting for all the people, as this place is truly enchanted. The rocks in this valley were formed by wind and water a few millennia ago. There is an option for hiking, as well as a hot air balloon ride to get a better angle for your photographs. There are also some ancient churches in Cappadocia from the early Byzantine Empire’s time.

Hagia Sophia

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Listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites and considered as one of the Wonders of the World, Hagia Sophia is a Byzantine Empire Structure. This building truly reflects the architectural glory of the Byzantine Empire, and in its early days, it was used as a Cathedral. Later in the Ottoman Empire after the fall of Constantinople, it was converted into a mosque. Today, Hagia Sophia is a Museum and there are a lot of exhibits on display. So, visiting this place is a must for every tourist.

Topkapi Palace

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Topkapi Place tells a great deal about the extravagant lifestyle of an Ottoman Sultan. When the Ottoman Empire Stretched from the steppes of Europe to northern Africa and Asia Minor, Topkapi Palace was where this huge Sultanate was ruled from. Expert craftsmen from all corners of the empire were brought in to work on this magnificent Palace. So, the work done there is exceptional, and we want you to be amazed at it.


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Ephesus are ruins of the ancient Roman Empire. This place tells us a great deal of the glory days of the Roman Empire. The colossal monuments and marbled roads are one of the best ancient structures of this dominant empire that are still preserved in their best forms. You must wonder here to learn more about this place and the Roman Empire.

Temple of Artemis

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The Temple of Artemis is one of the best-preserved Ancient Greek Temples present today. This place is also known as the Temple of Diana and is devoted to the Goddess Artemis.


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Pamukkale is considered a natural wonder of the world. The pure white travertine boardwalks of cotton torrent down at an angle, which makes people believe that they are in a fairy tale moment with snow everywhere. This place also has ancient Roman ruins of Hierapolis, along with an ancient spa town on Calcite Hills. This place is overlooked by many travellers, but we don’t want you to overlook it as it is worth every second and penny.

Mount Nemrut

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Mount Nemrut is a place of solitude. This place is as weird as you will find it once you travel there. You will come across giant stone heads that were once the Gods of Turkey. You must visit this place at the time of sunrise. So, plan your trip accordingly.


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Nestled in the south of Antalya, Aspendos is an ancient Roman Theatre. It is one of the best-preserved Roman theatres in the world and has accommodated many great events in glorious Roman history.


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The coastal city of Bodrum is a great escape for all the locals and foreign tourists. This place offers a serene beach on the Aegean Sea. You can soak the sun, enjoy a swim in its turquoise waters, or even visit the Bodrum Castle or Mausoleum.