Going through all your stuff and trying to pack it in a rucksack is not going to be an easy task. When going for a backpacking trip, you need to make sure you are not forgetting anything as sometimes your convenience may depend on it. However, you also need to keep into account that your rucksack should always be as light as possible for your own wellbeing. There are also more than a few skills and things you need to learn and know about them for a steady trip. For this reason, it is imperative to learn top tips and tricks to do a backpacking trip anywhere in the world.

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Sometimes, when you are making research of your own; you will come across irrelevant or impractical stuff on the internet. These guides will put more question marks rather than providing answers. You may also be bombarded with backpacking advice from your friends or family. You will be told to avoid dark places, not venture into the unknown, and stay safe.

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However, all these guidelines and advice will never help you plan even a very basic backpacking trip. This is the reason why we are going to provide top tips for a basic and simple backpacking trip that can massively help you. Sometimes answer to very complex situations and things are simple, which we always overlook or ignore. Read this article and learn these tips and enjoy it to the fullest.

Plan your trip with the help of an expert or professionals

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If this is your first backpacking trip, you need to seek out help from an expert; who is, in this case, an experienced backpacker. You may ask him or her about the terrain of that place, geography, and climate, what kind of stuff to carry, where to stay, how to travel, and other important questions. It is very important that the person you seek help from should have experience in that part of the world. You can use social media platform groups, forums, and pages to look for these people. If you are too shy to ask them, there is always going to be professional help in the form of Dream World Travel. We can help you with your itinerary, any medical egress, accommodation, booking cheap flights, readymade holiday packages and etc. So be wise, and plan to the fullest to maximize your fun.

Train your body

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Before even you think of planning for the whole trip, you need to train your body in order to carry a heavy rucksack and travel hundreds of kilometres in any specific region. If you are going for a long backpacking trip, you first need to do some short trips in order to train your body and mind along with gaining some experience. Start jogging for at least 8 to 10 kilometres each day along with some weight training at the gym. Focus on shoulders, back, neck, and leg muscles as they are the ones carrying your weight. Take yourself on some short hikes so that your body muscles can attain that resilience that is needed for longer hikes and treks. You can also train with the help of yoga, meditation, and Pilates.

Invest in the most suitable backpack

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A backpack or a rucksack is the kind of bag that you are going to carry on your trip. We recommend our readers to find themselves one which suits them in the best possible way. A rucksack needs to be very comfortable in order to be carried on longer distances easily. It should also be rigid, reliable, and spacious so that you can easily put all your stuff in it. Your bag should also be waterproof, and it should come with good weight distribution. Never purchase a backpack for its looks and colour. The wrong backpack will kill your back in no time, and you may regret your journey.

Pack the right stuff

You need to make sure that your backpack has all the right items in it. You need to first analyze the most important items to keep such. Run a requirement analysis of your trip which includes the total number of days on the road, the terrain and geography of that place, climate, local people and accommodation, transportation availability, food rations, and etc. There is no need to pack more than 2 or 3 pairs of clothes as you can wash and wear them again. You may need to carry a warm sleeping bag and maybe a camp for spending the night.

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Always carry super-light tents and sleeping bags. Your clothes should also be multipurpose, and you can easily sleep in them as well as move around easily. Keep other essentials such as a first aid kit, important medicines, lots of water, walking stick, flashlights, extra batteries and power banks, and etc.

Right footwear according to the terrain

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The right choice of footwear will be like a blessing for your feet. You need to trek, hitchhike, walk, and move countless miles in those shoes. So, they don’t just need to be durable, but also comfortable for your feet. Always purchase shoes that are perfect for the terrain of the place you are going to visit. They should be breathable, and waterproof to some extent just in case your feet get wet. They should also be warm as sometimes you need to trek on trails that are on higher altitudes. We recommend you buy one size bigger than your feet so that your toes have enough room to breathe.

Choose your hike carefully

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It is imperative that you choose your hike very carefully. First, assess your own physical and mental capabilities. You need to carry a certain amount of weight on your shoulders and walk long distances, which is why it is important to be strong. But the weight on you isn’t the only thing you are going against. It is the weather, sun, track condition, your own toughness, your physical energy, and some other factors as well that come into play. You also need to determine beforehand the condition of supplies you will need to survive. Always carry high-calorie food items in order to keep your energy high. Be wise, and choose your hikes carefully by never underestimating anything.