Though Rome is one of those cities that can be visited the year long, anytime you wish as it has that kind of effect on travellers that inspires in one way or the other, but October is our choice of visiting Rome as it’s the travel destination of the month.

It is less busy and chaotic in October, let’s make it one reason other than that, the charm and allure remains same as it is in the peak visiting months. However, taking selfies in front of the majestic view of the Trevi Fountain becomes much more happening and less muddled, so it’s a sure plus point.

The rightly dubbed Eternal City Rome, is one of the pure jewels of Italy that has been attracting visitors since ages. From May to July it becomes quiet impossible to visit Rome due to excessive hot temperature, and winters are a bit miserable too as the season itself is a busy one due to Christmas and winter wave makes it more stressful, so we are out of options and October by default comes out to be a the month when Rome can be visited peacefully.

Some Must Visiting Places of Rome

Visit the Colosseum:

It is also recognized as the Flavian Amphitheatre, it is located right in the centre of the city and is a must see attraction of Rome.

Explore the Pantheon:

It was a Roman Temple and is now served as a church, the history is worth exploring and the site is magnificent.

Majestic Trevi Fountain:

It should be a definite pace to be on your bucket list of exploring Rome; it got its design by Nicola Salvi who was a famous Italian architect. The fountain has been a filmed location and is seen in many popular Hollywood movies as a backdrop.

The Sight of Roman Forum

It is a location with numerous ancient ruins of important buildings and structures right at the heart of the city, many important buildings and sites were situated here at the forum and it serves as a sprawling centre of having the remains of ruins, also known as the ‘’most celebrated meeting place in the world’’

Hop on the Spanish Steps:

located at the base of Piazza Trinità dei Monti. The best way to mingle along with the locals is hopping on these steps where you can see the best social meetings and gathering happening. The site of the Spanish Steps is also featured in number of famous movies.