Trekking is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is also a great way to explore the beauty of a region by enabling a person to go deeper into the valleys, wilderness, and be a part of the wild for some time. From the mountains and highlands of Patagonia to the Savannahs of Africa and the highest mountains of South Asia, trekking is one of the best things to do for everyone. Many people are getting more aware of the benefits of this outdoor activity and they seek adventure and thrill from it.

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Significance of trekking for your health and wellbeing

Trekking helps you to resolve your faith in nature, relax your stressed mind and soul, and ultimately makes you a strong person. It is the best way to treat yourself and heal from anything. However, when humans travel to any place, they tend to leave their carbon footprint or at least leave their mark behind that is hazardous for the animals living in their natural habitat. It destroys the beauty of that plays in a way, and the pollutions take away all the uniqueness of that certain place. But there are many ways that can help you make your trekking trip eco-friendly.

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You will not only enjoy your trip but also leave that place in the very same way you found it. Whether it is a jungle, rainforest, mountain pass, highland, coastal place, or a trek that leads to a lake or a base camp of a mountain, you need to learn about these important trekking guides as a beginner. In this article, I am going to present a few of these tips for preserving an environment that will help you manage an eco-friendly trekking tour. So read on, learn about them and enjoy some great strolls in nature.

Eco-friendly Trekking Guide: Important things you need to know as a beginner

Owing to the ever-increasing number of trekking, it is also becoming lethal for the environment to bear so many people over a short period of seasonal time. Sometimes people have good intentions for the environment, but they end up damaging it anyway due to unknown reasons. Even the higher number of trekkers put immense pressure on the already fragile ecology of any certain place. So, the least we all can do is to take care when we are travelling and trekking between these beautiful locations. The following points will tell you how to become an eco-friendly traveller.

Reduce carbon footprint

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Make use of different travel methods that have little or no carbon footprint. You can also make use of different items that are organic, and cannot harm the environment such as paper bags in place of plastic items, solar chargers, and much more. Travel in public transports rather than renting your own car. Eating less or no meat-based diet, and much more.

Don’t use the method of fixed camp pitching

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Typically, trekking never involves fixed Camp pitching. Fixed camping is a nuisance to our environment which has been brought by different professional trekking companies and aggregators. Due to their business, these companies pitch permanent camps in the ground, which is totally opposite to the idea of camping in the first place. I recommend you to take your own camps for the sake of environmental preservation, pitch them, and decamp whenever you are leaving. Fixed Camps are a curse to the local setting and the wildlife is completely disturbed. They have become a cause of untold enormous damage. Do not go with a company that follows a fixed camp pitching format. The environment will thank you for it.

Don’t carry instant noodles or any other food item with plastic wrapping

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When you are going for a camping trip, it may seem logical to bring food items that are made in an instant. Most people take instant noodles or other food items as they require almost no extra effort to cook. However, the plastic packing of noodles or any other food is the biggest source of environmental pollution. I recommend you to take energy bars, dry fruits, dates, and other high-calorie food items, or even raw fruits such as apple, banana, peach, and etc. these items are mostly organic, and whatever is leftover can be decomposed into the soil instantly. On the other hand, plastic is not an organic item, and it will take more than a lifetime for it to decompose.

Take care of people whom you acquire services such as porters and team members

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Porters are undoubtedly the life of every trekking trip. Due to their extreme efforts, our trekking trips are made possible. They are the most hardworking souls and are even not paid as much as they should be. There are many Sherpa’s, high altitude porters, or normal porters and helpers around us when we are trekking in the Karakorum and Himalayas. We should always commend their efforts on each and every corner of the trek, and checkout for their wellbeing. We should also give them extra tips for their unbelievable workforce. It is also important to eat and share whatever you are consuming for yourself. Your porter should also not carry more than 25 kilograms.

The donkey, yaks, camels, horses, mules, or any other animal involved in trekking matters too

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When trekking with animals such as horses, ponies, mules, you need to make sure that they are not overloaded. Also, if the trek is demanding, you need to take care of the animal by assisting it all the way. If you are riding one, it is good to walk beside it at times and puff it to show your appreciation. Also, you need to watch out for any sign of injury or illness in them. They are an essential part of your team and you need to watch out for everyone.

Take your litter with you even if it is organic

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When you are trekking in the wilderness, it is important not to throw anything on the ground. Once I was trekking in the wild, I ate a banana and some of it was not good so I threw it on the sides. It happened three or four times. When I was in the open field, I noticed a brown bear was following me due to my silly mistake. It was expecting free food as I have already thrown some behind me on my trail. So never ever make this mistake when you are on a hiking trail.

Manage all your non-biodegradable waste

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Make sure that all non-biodegradable waste is taken back to the base Town or Village where it should be properly disposed of. We are all well aware that even at the bases there is no proper disposal system but it is much better than leaving in the wilderness. As for human waste, your priority should be to bring it back. However, it is not ideal to carry it so the best thing you can do is to bury it in sand or mud.

Make sure you know your group leader

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It is wise to know a few details about your group leaders. You should always ask for his or her qualification, experience in that certain area of trekking, and all his or her complete contacts. It is he or her who is responsible for your wellbeing, so it is better to take some time and study his or her profile. However, it is also important to develop a bond of trust. You should also listen to him or her all the time in the wilderness, and do as they tell you for your own sake.