Last updated on 3rd November 2021

Brits were shown the green light to travel abroad to specific countries on May 17 by the government. International travel was finally possible as the government released a traffic light system as a guiding tool for travelling in 2021 and beyond until this Covid-19 episode persists. Countries were initially divided into three lists and the arrivals from these countries required various grades of quarantining and testing. The red and amber list had most countries and people who were travelling to the UK from these countries were required to go through the lengthy procedure of quarantining and testing to enter the UK. Although the time and place of quarantining varied with respect to time in the red and amber list, travellers were told to be prepared for anything.

The green list contained only a few countries initially, but with passing time and population getting vaccinated, the green and amber list were almost dissolved and today only the red list remains. However, there is a certain criterion still in place to make sure travellers don’t become carriers of the Covid-19 virus or any of its variants. If you are fully vaccinated, you can plan your travel plans by following all the relative rules of travelling to the UK or returning from the trip.

UK Travel Guidance in Covid-19

As of 3rd November 2021, the policy of the UK’s traffic light system has quite significantly changed with the situation itself. Testing requirements were loosened for many destinations and fully vaccinated people. Almost all the countries are now removed from the red list with the exception of a few, and very soon this will change as well. Although the list will remain as a precautionary measure and countries could still be included, if need be, everything related to controlled travelling seems to be normalizing now. Read more details about UK’s travel guidance before finalising your travel plans. You can book your holiday trips and search for cheap flights on Dream World Travel without any hesitation. Also, you can call our helpline to acquire any additional information.

Green list

A passenger locator form must be filled by all the arrivals regardless of country of origin or vaccination status. If you are fully vaccinated or under 18 years of age, you will not require a pre-departure negative test. However, all travellers from all the green list countries travelling to England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland must book and pay for a day 2 test.

All non-vaccinated travellers are required to present a pre-departure negative test (72 hours from departure) along with booking a day 2 and day 8 PCR test. It is also mandatory for them to quarantine for 10 days upon their arrival either at their homes or at relevant accommodation. However, they can also end their quarantines early by taking a test to release the scheme.

Red list

With time, the red list will shrink leaving only a few countries or destinations in it. But until then, you will be refused entry to the UK unless you are a resident of England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland. You will still need to spend 10-days quarantining at the hotel at your own expense. Book your quarantine through this portal. All the quarantine hotels are located in England and Scotland. So, if you are bound to Wales or Northern Ireland, you first need to spend your quarantine time in England or Scotland.

If you are caught dodging these rules, you may face steep fines. The red list is set to remain as a precautionary measure even after all the countries are removed from it.