The ice hotel is a proper hotel built each year with a snow and ice in the village of Jukkaasjarvi in Sweden. It is the world`s first ice hotel ever. It’s opened in 1990, the hotel has been built since 1990 and it built each and every year from December to April. The Hotel including Chairs, beds Sofas is made of snow and ice blocks from the Torne River. Artists are invited to create unique rooms and decorations hand-made from ice. Besides all this everything is made from ice such as glasses, ice Chapel that is famous with marrying couples. The structure remains below freezing around -5 Celsius. However, ice hotel is promoted by travelers who are interested in innovations and unique environments and are comfortable with outdoors. Consumers have to sleep in bed made of ice and snow but in the warmth of fur, blankets and sleeping bags designed to withstand extremely cold temperatures. Room temperature is below 0 Celsius but it is much warmer than outside. Staying at ice hotel is costly as prices for night. Lobbies are filled with statuaries food drinks are chosen to be warm people in hotel. Such as glasses in an ice bar can be made of ice and people on ice benches.

History of Ice Hotel of Sweden


Japanese ice artist visited the area and created an exhibition of ice art in 1989, in 1990 in spring French artist called Jannot Derid had an cylinder shaped igloo exhibition in the same area once there were no rooms accessible at nighttime in town so travelers asked for spend at night in igloo at that exhibition hall and they slept in igloo in sleeping bags on the top of reindeer skins and they are the first guest of ice hotel from Sweden.



At the bar, which is in the main part of the ice hotel, holiday makers also find a bar, where they can order special cocktails served in ice glasses. The igloo guide explains everything one needs to know in order to make the best out of his stay in the Ice hotel. Temperature inside the hotel is between -4 and -9 degrees centigrade, depending on the weather conditions and the number of visitors.



As hotel rooms are concerned, the double room has a thermal sleeping bag on a special bed built of snow and ice, covered with reindeer skins. Ice hotel suites rooms are uniquely decorated. In hotel guests also sleep in a thermal sleeping bag on a special bed of snow and ice, covered with reindeer skins. Every room has different sculptures, decoration and designing.


The Ice Hotel has aurora House Cabins have two separate bedrooms for 3 persons, that is a single bed and a double bed. The rooms have a ceiling skylight for a view of Midnight Sun and Aurora Borealis. The sitting room has refrigerator, water boiler, TV and telephone, bathroom with shower and toilet. The hotel also has Chalet Cabin, which have two separate bedrooms and 4 beds in total, a sitting room with kitchenette, TV and telephone, bathroom with shower and toilet. The hotel also has heated bathrooms for those tourists who don’t like feeling cold all the time. If you have decided to head to the Ice Hotel in Sweden then you have to know that an overnight stay costs about $300 to $500, depending on the room type and don’t forget to book in advance because this is a very popular place among holiday makers every winter because it’s a new type of icy adventure people usually take a chance to experience this ice hotel in their wanderlust.


This is the must visiting ice hotel in Sweden everybody should visit this place to unlock the moments of their journey in Sweden.