Are you planning a romantic vacation with your partner? We have compiled some lovely suggestions and activities which will make you live and love a little more.
Here are some of the romantic cities where you can make that a beautiful proposal on the top of a cliff or grab a kiss at underneath a passage.

Spend a Romantic Holiday in the City of Love – Paris


Paris is an ultimate destination for lovers. It offers excellent activities you can do with your partner. Check out below:

Glide with your Partner at Bois de Boulogne

Moments in a boat with your partner is unforgettable. Take your partner to Bois de Boulogne, where you two can spend some quality time paddling a boat. The surrounding is filled with serene and romantic views.

From there you can move to the Jardin Shakespeare woods to see the beautiful flower, plants, and trees which Shakespeare mentioned in his plays. If you visit these woods in summer, the magical open-air theatre will mesmerize you.

Enjoy romantic walk along Canal St-Martin

Take your partner to a romantic walk to Canal St-Martin located between Rue de la Grange aux Belles and Quai de Jemmapes. Spend beautiful moments on the iron footbridge and the admiring atmosphere. Watch the bridge swings opening when boats pass the canal. You can also boat in the canal, or have a romantic sitting aside.

You can also enjoy your lunch here or linger with a bottle of wine.

Enjoy Shopping in covered walkways

When you go to Paris with your partner and she doesn’t ask for shopping is impossible. You will find a 19th century Paris when you stroll these passages. In Passage Verdeau, you can shop antiques and books (new and secondhand both). You can buy your girl some classic toys from Passage Jouffroy.

If you like collectibles, you should move south to Passage des Panoramas. Here, you will also find some delightful bistros mix and tea. One passageway I would like to recommend you is Jardin du Palais Royal, ahead of Passage de Panoramas, where you can have a look at the urbane designs of Galarie de Montpensier and Galarie de Valois.

Visit the love locked bridge, Pont des Arts

You may not find anything more romantic than a bridge covered with padlocks. Pont des Arts, a pedestrian bridge over the Seine, is lined with padlocks. These padlocks were engraved with the lovers’ names.

Pont des Arts

Unfortunately, a part of the bridge fell down in 2014 due to locks’ combined weight, leading to cutting down of padlocks in 2015.  You can visit this romantic spot, putting a padlock with your partner. But keep in mind, the administration cuts away the locks after a certain period of time.

Propose at the Temple of Love

Temple of love - Versailles

Even though you have already proposed your partner, but Temple de l’Amour is famous for this reason. It stands in the center of Versailles and pairs from all around the globe visit this place in their romantic tours. They either propose or hone their love vows.

It is believed that kissing your partner in the middle of this temple strengthens their bonding with each other.

If your tour is limited to Paris only, there is a temple of love Paris too, in the Vincennes Forest.

Temple of love in the vincennes forest. paris park in autumn

When to go Paris?

You can enjoy the best romantic experience in Paris in the months of April, May, June, and October to early November. Why? Because you can enjoy the weather which is mild, there are fewer crowds too. These months are best for your romantic visit.

If the budget is concerned, you should travel in the months of November to February, but the weather will limit you to few sites then.

Compliment Your Partner in the Lovely Skies of Aspen

Aspen is famous for skiing, hiking, kayaking, dog sledding and other outdoor activities. But here we will share with you some romantic things you can do in Aspen.


Ride to Aspen Mountain Summit in a Gondola

Although hiking is a great activity with your partner, riding the gondola while enjoying the scenic views around is even romantic. When you reach the top, enjoy lunch and dining with delightful treats. If you went at the top on Friday evening, the restaurant up there provides moonlight dinners and live music, making your every moment romantic.

Enjoy Water Rafting Adventure

 If you are an adventurous couple, do try the White Water Rafting in Aspen. You can take a half or full day raft trips in different rivers, during which you can enjoy the amazing sights all around you, fascinating geology and unforgettable sledging experience.

Enjoy Aerial Experience in the Hot Air Balloon

One of the most romantic activities in Aspen is when you draft through the sky in a hot air balloon. This balloon flight will take you to explore the dynamic yet pleasing landscape of Aspen. You will see the unending panoramas of mountains and scenes of green & wildlife beauty on the land.

Lost in the Views of Maroon Bells

Maroon Bells

Your honeymoon trip is not romantic enough if you don’t visit this beautiful spot. The Maroon Bells offers the scenic impressions which will leave you gawking. This heavenly place is located at 12 miles of southwest Aspen. Once you are there, you will be stunned by the magnificent reflections of the two peaks in Maroon Lake. You can’t resist your camera making limitless clicks of this lovely place.

Enjoy the luxurious treating of Aspen’s Spas

After exploring the amazing scenery along the day, what can be better than enjoying a relaxing massage followed by champagne and chocolates? Remove your ski boots or touring stuff and lose yourself for a world-class pampering in the spas of Aspen.

When to go Aspen?

If you want to ski with your partner, the best time is to visit from December to February. The snowfall season is best for winter sports. But this season is the most expensive of the year.

As far as your honeymoon or romantic visits are concerned, you should travel in summers i.e. between June to September, when the temperature is up to 70. You can enjoy rafting, hiking, and air rides. It is also the second most visited season of the year, but from September, the prices fell down. It is good if you book a few weeks in advance to gain deals or sales.

Rediscover Love in the Incredibly Idealistic City of Florence

cathedral of santa maria del fiore. florence, italy

Florence can be a really romantic place when you are with your peer. You will find endless activities to do and enjoy with your partner here. What can be those? Let’s see some of our favorites.

Ride and Relax in the Shades of Parco Delle Cascine

Florence is filled with couples and especially if you visit during peak season. So to enjoy a romantic picnic and some peace, you should spend your time in Cascine Park at the corner of the city. You can ride your hired bike here, plus spend some romantic moments in the shades of trees with drinks and snacks.

Feel the Royalty at Fort Belvedere

Fort Belvedere was initially built to guard the city and the Medici family, but it is now opened for tourists. It recently gained popularity for being the venue of Kim Kardashian’s wedding.

This fort is located on the other corner of River Arno. Here, if you like hiking with your partner, you will have to ascent to the peak of a hill or hire a ride. Not only can you find the royal snaps of yours, but also can learn about the history of Florence. Try to come here in spring or low temperature to enjoy the visuals.

Take a bike tour from Florence to Tuscany

If you and your peer like traveling or want to discover in an outdoorsy way, a bike tour from Florence to Tuscany countryside will be a great activity. You will get to know about the Florentine history while following or leading your partner.

You can ride either with a group or on your own. At the day end, a wine tasting while relaxing on a cliff or restaurant is pleasing.

Make a Wish at Ponte Vecchio

It is one of the most romantic Florentine spots. You will enjoy the feel of city stroll through this bridge. You will see many locks across the bridge structure. Purchase a lock, make a wish with your partner and link it with the other locks. Toss the key on the bridge and let it fall into the river. It’s a common tradition among Italian youth.

girl opening a lock on a bridge

From Ponte Vecchio, take a walk down the River Arno, hand in hand and enjoy the lovely sunset and views around the river.

Surprise Your Partner with a Show at Teatro della Pergola

After a long day touring and exploring, what can be better than taking your love to a romantic candlelit dinner. Buy tickets for a show at Teatro della Pergola and surprise your partner by taking him/her to the show. You can enjoy some quality time watching a romantic show or opera.

Teatro della Pergola

When to go Florence?

Deciding when to travel to Florence can be a challenge. Florence looks finest in spring, from March to May. The sky is clear, the city is less heated, but the same city is crowded during these days too.

If you want to escape the crowd, visit in fall, from September to November. The temperature is fairly nice, and you can enjoy true Tuscan Cuisine including gamey roasts, pasta sauces, hearty soups and more. The evenings are so romantic during this period, as the city presents dozens of light hung in every street and corners.

Indulge Your Peer in the Romantic Atmosphere of Quebec City

Montmorency Falls

If you are in deep love with your partner or you’re a newly married pair, Quebec City awaits you. The Canadian city has European way to offer romantic feel to make you live every moment of your love story.

Watch the Lightening Quebec in the Evening from a Ferry

Enjoy watching a sunset with your love while floating on the Saint Lawrence River, offering a great opportunity to capture the lovely moments of the city getting enlightened.

Take the ferry tour during summers, you can get a chance to witness the Loto-Quebec Fireworks competition.

Sight the city in 360 degrees from Observatoire de la Capitale

It is located on the 31st floor of the Marie-Guyart building. At the height of 221 meters, you can enjoy the aerial 360 views of the beautiful city.

Admire the Gorgeousness at Montmorency Falls

30 meter higher than Niagara Falls, the Montmorency Falls is located near downtown Quebec. You can either enjoy a romantic walk moving through the park or you can reach through a cable car, suspended bridge, or by the stairs leading to the cliff.

Credits to YetAnotherTechGuy

Enjoy Bike Riding While Exploring Ile d’Orleans

Take your partner, hire bikes, and head to the east of Quebec downtown about 5 km. Not only will you visit the historic town of Ile d’Orlenas, but also the origin of New France. Enjoy the feel of the rural and lively culture of New France. You can also find peace and privacy here while admiring the beauty around.

Ile d'Orleans

Visit the Chocolate Museum and Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings

Whether you are a chocolate lover or your partner loves sweets, a visit to the chocolate museum at Erico’s is a great way to impress. You can find the history of chocolate from Mayan Civilization till date. There are more than 200 delights from Mexico, Caribbean Islands, and Europe.

Chocolate Museum

In the attached chocolate boutique, you can treat your partner with a cup of hot chocolate in the chilled weather outside.

When to go Quebec City?

The best time to visit Quebec City is in summers when the weather moves to 25 degrees centigrade. You will find a lot of happening in the city. It is usually crowded with people. You can enjoy many events during this time, including Festival d’ete de Qubec, New France Festival, Rendez-vouz, etc.

Not to mention, the more the people, the higher the rates.

The other best time to visit the beautiful city is in autumn. This season is especially for those who are in love with nature (or with the partner). The crowd is comparatively low as compared to summer.

This is a true season to see the changing colors of spots like Montmorency Falls and Ile d’Orleans. The temperature makes the environment so gorgeous and enjoyable.

Express Your Love in the Fascinating Venice


In the world of romantic gateways, Venice is a place where you can complement your love in every single moment. From wine tours to romantic gondola rides to evening strolls, Venice fascinates you with its exceptional and romantic sights. Whether you are on a honeymoon or going on a holiday with your partner, here are the romantic things you can do in Venice.

Enjoy Visiting Venice through Vaporetto Voyage

Vaporetto is a water-boat bus, famous throughout the Venice. If you want to see the prettiness of the city, this is the best way to commute with. Take your partner to Vaporetto and sight the beautiful palaces, untouched islands, and Grand Canal in an economic way.

You will find Vaporetto in €7 for one hour. I recommend you to get a travel card for a discounted tour in Venice. With travel card, the Vaporetto will cost €20 for 24 hours.

Explore the Historic Doge’s Palace

Although adventurous, if you or your partner like architecture, then don’t miss to go the Doge’s Palace. Built in a Veteran Gothic way, the palace offers magnificent exterior and interior. You can’t resist admiring the sophisticated artwork on walls and floor.

You can find this grand palace in Piazza San Marco. You will be charged for €16 per head. I will suggest you visit in morning, to avoid crowds.

Enjoy Opera at the Amazing Teatro La Fenice

When thinking about something romantic in Venice, nothing can beat the mesmerizing shows at the historic opera house. Must watch a live opera or romantic ballet and it will spontaneously stimulate the love between you and your love.

You will find this ancient and renowned theatre in San Marco. You will pay €66 for the opera tickets. I will suggest you book a theatre tour for €9 because it’s amazing.

Admire the Pleasuring Looks from the Rialto Bridge

As you enjoy opera or visiting city all the day, the evening should be welcomed with a romantic dinner followed by a stroll.

Rialto Bridge

Take a romantic candlelight dinner with live music in restaurants along the Rialto Bridge. This is the oldest bridge in Venice. As you stroll through the bridge, you will see the beautiful illumination of Venice. Sharing a kiss in the middle of the bridge is one of the most romantic activities in Venice.

Witness the Nightlife in Venice with Never-Ending Party

After having a dinner and romantic walk, if you still feel the energy within, take your couple to the electrifying nightlife of Venice. You will find everything from live music shows to foot tapping music to unending party at night pubs and casinos.

Devil’s Forest Club, Skyline Rooftop Bar, TAG club, Venice Jazz Club are just a few to mention.

Float in Love while Enjoying the Gondola ride

Although the Vaporetto ride is romantic, if you want to explore Venice only with your partner, nothing is better than the Gondola ride. Either it is your first visit to Venice or not, the Gondola ride will always sharp up your love.

Credits to Geneeo

Your romantic trip will not be completed if you don’t try a Gondola ride. Don’t forget to take wine or something romantic so you can enjoy it with your peer. Watching the amazing sights of the city, ancient buildings, and moving through the bridges is worth considering a Gondola ride.

You can find and book Gondolas in any major tourist spot such as Tronchetto, Piazzale Roma, etc. The ride will last for 40 minutes and cost you €80 per head.

When to Go Venice?

Deciding when to go to Venice depends on your preferences. Do you like crowds or escape them? Are you going for a holiday or honeymoon? Or are you going to attend events and parties? Let me share some seasons in Venice which may help you in taking the decision.

January to April – the Lovebirds Season

If you want to take your spouse on a romantic trip, these months are ideal for your pair.

Man presenting rose to his girl

In January, you can enjoy all the romantic things which I told you above (or can also find something new). Plus, January welcomes a Christian religious event Epiphany and la Befana on 6th.

But as you enter February, Venice becomes a heaven for you and your partner. Preparations for Venice Carnevale or Madri Gras start before the actual day of Shrove Tuesday, so the city looks under an atmosphere of Carnevale theme. Also, you get to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Valentine in Venice, the perfect place for the perfect day with the perfect one.

And the Carnevale finally arrives in March. It is a sophisticated event where people are wearing costumes and masks. The city is packed with people and the day is celebrated with love, party, and the awesome fireworks. This is a must-attend event in Venice.

Not only that, Easter (sometimes), Women’s day, and St. Joseph day, all fall in March so this month is quite high in celebrations.

Following March, the month of April brings Easter (sometimes), but a more important is the feast day of St. Mark on April 25th. Activities include festivities in St. Mark’s square, Gondolier’s regatta, and tribute to the patron saint of Venice.

On the same day, men give their partner the Bocolo, a blossom of red roses.

From May to December – Party and Crowdy Season

Venice crowded

May brings many events to Venice making it very crowdy. Labor Day, Festa della Sensa (takes place 40 days after Easter), and Vogalonga (the paddling race), are the occasions for which tourists arrive Venice.

June calls for Republic day and the Biennale Art Expo which takes place every odd counting year.

If you like partying in Venice with your woman, then you should visit in either July or November. Events like Festa del Redentore and Festa della Salute are the biggest events of Venice. They are celebrated as the plague ended in 1576 and 1631 respectively.

August, September, and October are the months when Venice rocks. The Ferragosto holidays, Venice Film Festival, and historical Regatta in August and September, whereas La Fenice and Halloween in October keep the heat high in Venice.

December is the month of Christmas, starting from 8th throughout the month. The best part comes on New Year’s Eve at Piazza San Maroc, where a big group kiss takes place and the sky is lightened with fireworks.

As you now know some of the best romantic cities and what romantic activities you can do there, along with the information about when to go, it’s time to plan your trip, make your bookings with us, and get ready to enjoy the great romantic offered by these picturesque destinations.