Thinking about Snorkeling? Great! If you want to experience safe marine life, snorkeling is the best activity you can go for. It is fun and a great way to build confidence under water.

So before you decide where to snorkel, first let’s have a look at some of the great destinations to enjoy snorkeling.

Enjoy Snorkeling in the Islands of Bali

Bali, one of the most famous islands of the Indonesian archipelago, offers many spots for snorkeling as listed below:

  • Visit the USAT Shipwreck While You Snorkel in Tulamben

Tulamben is famous for the world famous USAT Liberty shipwreck. Your guide will take you to this site from the beach. See three to fifty meters down the sea and you will find the remnants of the wreck.

Tulamben USAT Liberty Shipwreck

Other than that, you will see a beautiful pattern of fishes swimming forward and backward in a huge circle which presents a good opportunity for photography. When I snorkeled there, I was stunned by the beauty inside. The attractive corals and fishes are amazing. You will get a sight of seahorses, pipefish, and sharks.

  • Explore the Gamut of Fishes at Amed

While in Tulamben, which is famous for USAT shipwreck, you can see a Japanese wreck in Amed. Plus, there are few places to snorkel and even for them, you will have to go early i.e. before 9.30 a.m. Because the currents are stronger there, which will hurt the visibility of underwater wonders. The sand is black due to volcanic dust. Amed is known for its soft coral.  

Snorkeling at Amed

As far as marine creatures are concerned, you can find a gamut of marine living including Angel Fish, Parrot Fish, Bat Fish, Moorish Idols, and if you are too lucky, can descry a Green Turtle too.


Fishes during snorkeling at Amed

Other than the Japanese wreck, you can enjoy at Jemeluk Bay and Vienna beach. The best thing that makes Amed a great treat for snorkeling is that you can see both hard and soft corals and variety of fishes.

  • Sight Mega Manta Rays at Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida comprises of three islands. If you plan to visit Nusa Penida, a boat leaves San Harbour for the 45 minutes daily. The guides take you to these islands. If you are an average diver or an advanced one, Nusa Penida is a great place for you. Here, you can easily find the big Manta rays, brightly colored fishes and corals which are rare on earth.

Big Manta Ray in Nusa Penida


  • Snorkel with Sharks at Candidasa

Candidasa includes three beaches to welcome you. Mimpang (which is the shark point for snorkelers), Gili Biaha (a small island with reef slope and shark cave), and Tekekong (a site where you can enjoy the sights of canyon and reef).

Aerial view of Mimpang

An aerial view of Mimpang


Nurse shark at Gili Biaha

Nurse shark at Gili Biaha


The pleasing view of Tekekong

The pleasing views of Tekekong

All of these places are good for snorkeling and diving. I loved the shark cave most. You will see lovely corals, and fishes like shark, mola mola (sometimes), and tuna. Keep an eye on climate, sometimes the current can be a little strong.




Snorkel in the Wonders of Mauritius

Mauritius is the place where you would like to snorkel every single day. It is filled with lagoons and beaches. But I will share which I was really impressed with.

  • Swim in the underneath beauty of Blue Bay

Although many areas in Mauritius are damaged but not Blue Bay. You will love the coral beds and marine creatures here. At the start of the shore, you might get disappointed but for the best spot to snorkel, you will have to go far west from the beach (via boat). Your guide will take you there. I was amazed when I saw the reef nearby, beautiful rocks after the white sand.

Snorkeling at Blue Bay Mauritius

The depth of snorkeling spot is similar to all areas around the reef i.e. five to six meters. These long coral beds have made this spot very attractive and desirable for snorkelers. When I entered the water, that experience was very pleasing. There are many fuchsia mushrooms inside the aqua surface. A large shoal of surgeonfish crossed me time and again during snorkeling. Moorish idols, Sargeant major fish, and Parrotfish are easily spottable in this area.

  • Snorkel for the beautiful marine ecosystems at Mahebourg Bay

If you snorkel for exploring marine life, this is the best spot. Here you will explore a wide variety of fishes including clownfish, barracudas, needlefish, damselfish, sergeant major fish, and many others. You will find this bay one to three km from the shore in Mahebourg. You can book a tour (with guide) or a boat to the bay because you can only go there via boat.

Snorkeling at Mahebourg Bay Mauritius

Though the water depth here is one to eight meters, the guides usually drop you in two to three meters. I recommend this place for aqua ecosystem lovers. This place is not crowded (at least when I visited), so you can enjoy your tranquillity.

  • Enjoy quality time with your family at Trou aux Biches

If you are a romantic couple or with a family, this place is for you. With lovely white sand, shallow water, and eye-catching casuarina trees, Trou aux Biches is a place to go.

Trou aux Biches Mauritius

The reef is close to the shore, making it a good destination to snorkel for kids but keep floating stuff as a precaution. You can easily walk along the shore with your partner. The best time to go is in the morning (around 9 am) when it’s all peace and serene. You may not get that variety of fishes as compared to the other ones described but the scenic views will leave you stunned.

  • Interact while You Snorkel at Trou d’Eau Douce

Trou d’Eau Douce, a village located near a broad lagoon closing at Cerf Island. This is one of the most visited places in Mauritius. The spot for snorkeling is far from the shore so you will have to hire a boat to reach there. Once reached, you will directly enter the water with a depth of two to three meters.

Trou d’Eau Douce Mauritius

Again, you will not find that rich aqua ecosystem as in Blue Bay but you can spot damselfish, butterflyfish, surgeonfish, and the giant colorful clams. If you visit this place, I recommend you to watch the sunset here, it’s amazing.

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Explore the Island of Love – Cyprus

Well, Cyprus is normally crowded with visitors all over the year, but I avoid such places. After all, one goes to such places to enjoy the natural sounds and meditation. So here are some of the spots you can go to enjoy your tranquility. I will share my friend’s advice. Head to West!

  • Sight Green Turtle at Lara Bay, Akamas Peninsula

You can discover this place at the end of Cyprus i.e. Akamas Peninsula. As many snorkelers love to catch a sight of Green Turtle, this is their home. Here, the turtles come back to breed.

Lara Bay, Akamas Peninsula, Cyprus

To get to Lara Bay, you will have to drive a bumpy ride of eight km from Ayios Georgios. As you reach there, must check the climate and current. This is the reason you should have a guide (especially for snorkeling and swimming). One fact about this bay is that it looks like a horseshoe.

You will find rocks and fishes but for that, you will have to snorkel a bit out.

  • Picnic and Snorkel at Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa

The crystal clear deep blue water of Nissi beach lures many snorkelers. The white sand, clear water, and combination of colorful fishes is heaven for snorkelers. This beach is so busy in summers, so if you want to interact with different people, this is the place to be.

Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa, Cyprus

This beach has something for everyone, either to snorkel, dive, eat, or shop. You will find everything here.

  • Find the exclusive Sea Bream and Sea Bass at White Rocks, Governor’s beach in Limassol

Less sand, whiter rocks, hard corals, all makeup to White Rocks. This wonder lies on the rocky side of west coastline, beyond Governor’s beach. The best time for snorkeling here is during the day when the corals appear. Your journey will be incomplete if you leave this place before the sunset. While snorkeling, search for sea bream and sea bass, which you don’t find normally on the other sites of the coast.

White Rocks, Governor’s beach, Limassol

Aerial view of White Rocks, Governor’s beach, Limassol

Aerial view of White Rocks, Governor’s beach, Limassol

  • Experience the Dark Waters of Mansoura Beach

If you want to snorkel at a truly rare place, I will suggest you visit Mansoura Beach. But it is not that easy to get there. It is located near Kato Pyrgos at Greek Cyprus – Turkey Cyprus border.

Mansoura Beach, Cyprus

If you like traveling by road, you must visit this place. The long and windy road will take you to the Mansoura village. Here you entertain your passion for snorkeling with an indescribable experience. Dark water, and gathered aqua creatures. Once you get there, you will gain the perfectly relaxed beach and freshly cooked fish.



Enjoy Snorkeling at the rocky beaches of Malta

When it comes to Malta for Snorkeling, shiny clear water, and attractive marine creatures are for sure. So what wonders does Malta have for us?

You will see many sand beaches when you travel to Malta. Mellieha Bay, Golden Bay, to name a few. But for snorkeling, go for rocky beaches. Because the more a beach is popular, the more it is covered by people, which will not give you that relaxing experience. I have listed some of my favorite beaches, which are, of course, not populated by people and are worth visiting.

  • Join the Shoal at Ghar Lapsi

It is a hidden wonder of Malta. The best thing about this bay is the naturally formed swimming pool by the rocky shoreline. You will be welcomed by the seahorses, golden fishes of amazing color patterns and more, making it a great spot for snorkelers. Once in the water, swim in the left direction, and you will be amazed by watching the beautiful caves.

Ghar Lapsi, Malta


  • Snorkel and Barbeque at the Stunning Mini Island at Qawra Point

This beach is not only for swimmers but also for snorkelers. The greatest lure of being here is the mini island formed by water surrounding a big rock, which has an open cave too. Don’t worry! The water surrounding the rock is not deep enough, and you can also swim through the cave as well. Not only that, when you finish snorkeling, you can enjoy barbeques in the evening here.

Qawra Point, Malta


  • Discover the Rare Mini Azure Window – a real secret point

Do you really want to snorkel at a spot where not everyone goes? If so, then please don’t mind a little hiking. I assure you the reward will be worthy. Drive left after the Armier Bay roundabout and go straight until you catch sights of the mountain’s edge. Stop where the road ends, and look down the cliff and that’s it. You will see the Mini Azure Window.

Mini Azure Window, Malta

You will have to hike a little to get to Azure Window. But once there, you will see beautifully formed rocks, mini caves (not too small), and a perfect sea landscape for snorkeling.

Hey if you want to get there via kayak, go from Paradise Bay. Don’t forget to bring the food and drinks; there is no one to serve you these.

  • Dive into the Greenish Blue Water of Fomm Ir-Rih

Another secluded and less footed but beautiful beach waiting for you near Bahrija. I highly recommend this bay for snorkelers and privacy lovers. What will you get here? Eye-pleasing scenic sights of cliffs, less number of people, and shiny blue greenish sea.

Fomm Ir-Rih, Malta

To get to the water, you have to go through a steep and rough pathway, after driving approx. two km from Bahrija. When you snorkel, there are chances to spot rays, cuttlefish, jellyfish, and alike. You can walk, fish, and swim here. But when the climate is windy, do not enter the water (due to heavy waves) rather enjoy the scene.


What is the difference between snorkeling and scuba diving?


Scuba Diving

Swimming with a snorkel, near the surface of Water Swimming deep in the water to the sea-bed, wearing a swimsuit and having oxygen tank
It is done for recreational purposes such as exploring fishes, coral reefs, algae, and meditation It is done for recreational such as ice-diving and wreck diving and professional purposes such as underwater welding, military services, etc.
You will have to hold your breath for swimming Depends on your oxygen tank’s capacity
Does not require training Requires training on how to use breathing equipment and safety measures
It effects on your body as result of inhaling air under increased pressure. Your heart and circulatory system are also affected such as reduced heart rate and increased blood pressure Your body gets sunburned if you stayed for long hours

What do you need for Snorkeling?

Snorkel Set

A snorkel set has two things. Mask and Snorkel.

The mask allows you to see underwater. It is essential as your eyes are covered with the salty water. You must buy a mask which fits on your face or the water will ruin your snorkeling experience.

The Snorkel is tube-shaped equipment which you need to breathe underwater (for a while, of course).

snorkeling set


Fins allow you to swim like a fish. With fins, you cover more distance within water which you could not without them.

Snorkeling Vest

Snorkeling Vests are used to keep you afloat while snorkeling or swimming. It is especially used for novice and children.

Water Resistant Sunscreen

You can use sunscreen before going to snorkeling. It will save you from sunburn.


Water Resistant Sunscreen


Rash Guards

If you are skin sensitive, do wear rash guards so that your experience will not be spoiled.

Night Snorkeling Lights

You may need snorkeling lights if you snorkel in nights or dark areas of the corals.

For keeping the beautiful moments safe, you can take a waterproof camera (with or without a selfies stick) underwater.

Is it Snorkelling or Snorkeling?

Many people get confused about the correct spelling. Don’t worry, if you spell ‘snorkeling’ or ‘snorkeling’, both are correct. If you use US English, it is Snorkeling. If you are in England, it is Snorkelling.

How to Snorkel?

Watch this video for an easy understanding of how to snorkel. It’s really easy.


You May Think About These…

Can snorkeling be done by Non-swimmers?

You don’t need to be a swimmer for snorkeling; rather you have to be comfortable in the water.

Can I Wear Contacts While Snorkeling?

Yes, you can wear your contacts but keep in mind that the mast must fit your face. Or another option is to purchase a mask with prescription lenses.

How do I take care of my equipment? How should I store it?

Keep it away from sunlight, or the seal of the mask will be hurt.


Safety Tips for Snorkeling

Is snorkeling safe? Of course. Just respect the environment and stay easy down there.

  1. Always stay informed about the place you are going to snorkel. Keep the first aid/safety kit near you.
  2. Look but don’t touch. No matter how beautiful or small an object looks, don’t dare to touch anything within the water. You may get hurt or damage a marine antique.
  3. If you don’t feel safe where you are snorkeling, don’t snorkel. Always keep a guide or someone along with you. And most importantly, if you are a beginner, practice before you go to actual spot of snorkeling.
  4. Stay calm underwater. Try to practice enhancing your breath. That way you will stay for a better time period. Also swim slowly so the marine species won’t get afraid of you.

Now that you know where you can go for a great snorkeling experience, what you need to snorkel, and what are the DON’Ts of snorkeling, it’s time for action. So plan your holiday, make your bookings, and let us take you there. Have a happy snorkeling!