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Koh Samui Overview

With cheap flights to Koh Samui, it is an island off the east bank of Thailand. An island of normal excellence and assortment, Samui is home to around 40,000 occupants, 90% are Buddhist. The palm-bordered shoreline and coconut and natural product development of the beach front swamps ascend to a focal rock huge, the slants of which are shrouded in virgin rainforest. Verifiably, the island's economy has been founded on subsistence horticulture and angling, with coconuts as the fundamental money trim. Since the 1980s tourism has turned into the prevailing business. Koh Samui transport joins have made it a goal for sightseers looking to investigate different islands in the region.

The development of tourism with cheap flights to Koh Samui has brought about development of building resorts, lodges, and extravagance private estates on the island. The island's aggregate stock of thousands of lodging rooms in 2013 will be enlarged by extra new rooms. A steady move sought after is seeing more Asian guests and families; however the main three source markets have been Germany, the UK, and Thailand, which contribute a joined 27 per cent share. Bangkok Airways keeps on extending its armada with new greater Airbus planes, eliminating littler planes, which will give extra carrier seats for Samui explorers. So hurry and book cheap tickets to Koh Samui now!

Top 6 things to do in Koh Samui

3 facts about Koh Samui


Koh Samui is believed to be among the finest islands in Thailand, and also in the world!


You can study traditional Thai cooking at island’s cooking schools.


Koh Samui has its individual rum distillery and beer brewery.

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