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Londrina Overview

The land of Brazil is certainly renowned for great excursion throughout the world where travellers from across the planet visit. With cheap flights to Londrina, this is the city situated in the province of Parana, which is in the southern district. The city was formerly discovered by the British immigrants, but today it is one of the nation’s political hubs. Many cultural events, sightseeing and other happenings are occurred here. With an estimated population of more than half a million residents, and has a huge area and therefore, is the second biggest city of the state. The climate is quite friendly with an average of 20°C but receives a good amount of precipitation in a year.

With cheap flights to Londrina, the city is known for good agriculture and has received significant prosperity within the last few years. As the land is fertile, it is accounted for producing of 60% coffee in the world. As Portuguese is widely spoken in the city, Spanish and English is also being taught at the schools. Many of the residents are Roman Catholic by religion and the city has The Church of Jesus Christ. The Londrina Esporte Clube serves amazing football facility and the Café Stadium has the holding capacity of more than 45,000 watchers at the ground. Calcadao is a vast pedestrian walkway, and when visiting here, you will notice some small & big sized shops, lots of eateries, banks for public, and many other business activities for what it is famous for.

The Lake Ipago Park is a name with which many other lakes by the numbering are available for visitors. The Lake Ipago 1 is the primary choice for the visitors. This park is stretched along the lake side where you can see beautiful sceneries. The Zerao is also quite famous park where there are athletic & sports activities going on most of the times. Another famous site you must check out with cheap tickets to Londrina is the Historical Museum, which is the development by the University of Londrina, situated near the metro station. The best part is there is no entrance fee, as the arts centre is absolutely depending on donations. Catuai Shopping is known as the biggest place for people to shop where it serves major facilities such as movie theatres, bistros & cafés, places with bowling and other amenities.

Top 3 things to do in Londrina

3 facts about Londrina


Londrina is a major town situated in the state of Parana in Brazil


The city is only located at a short distance from capital, Curitiba.


The Historical Museum is well-known and visited by many individuals, and is run simply on donations.

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