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Muharraq Overview

With cheap tickets to Muharraq, it is Bahrain's third biggest city and filled in as its capital until the point when 1932 when it was supplanted by Manama. The number of inhabitants in Muharraq in 2012 was 176,583. The city is situated on Muharraq Island and has for quite some time been a focal point of religiosity. Bahrain International Airport is likewise situated on the island. Contiguous Muharraq are the man-made Amwaj Islands, known for their vast structures, lodgings and shorelines. Muharraq is home to Muharraq Club, which is Bahrain's best football club. The city is additionally known for its souq (customary market) and as a home of conventional expressions and music; Ali Bahar, a mainstream and fruitful Bahraini artist is from Muharraq.

Drive to Amwaj, it's a significantly more created "western-accommodating" private compound and its lone 10 minutes from the air terminal. It has first rate lodgings and resorts, for example, The Dragon and numerous of expensive eateries one can look over, for example, Burger relax, or the more rich Mojo - which additionally accompanies a bar and a dance club. So book your cheap ticket to Muharraq now and relish your voyage easily.

Top 6 things to do in Muharraq

5 facts about Muharraq


The name Muharraq means Place of Ashes.


The city is Bahrain's third largest city and was its capital until 1923.


The city was replaced by Manama as the country’s capital.


The town is on Muharraq Island where Bahrain International Airport is situated on this island.


Muharraq is also acknowledged for its old-fashioned market, and traditional sculptures and music.

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