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Abidjan Overview

Now with cheap flights to Abidjan, explore the most populous and popular city of Africa. Abidjan is known to be the most populous city of having French speaking population in Western Africa. After the construction of the very new Wharf in the city, Abidjan got more popularity and grew up at a faster pace of time. Experience a visit to the ancient St. Paul Cathedral church having the most innovative and unique structure designed by Italian architect, unlike any other regular cathedral, it seems totally outrageous from the outside, or you can plan a visit to the La Pyramide which is famous for its amazing pyramid shape and is located right in the center of the city having unique architecture and is located right at the heart of the city’s business district.

Abidjan experiences a tropical dry and wet climate from September to November; you will come across a short rainy season. Book cheap flights to Abidjan and visit the Plateau located at the central business district of Abidjan, beautifully adorned with shops, restaurants and offices. Having a mixed culture of western Africa and art, the city hosts number of musical as well as cultural festivals which surely deserves a visit, including the international festival of black music and Festival de Maracana Abidjan. So just pack up your bags and book your cheap flights to Abidjan and travel to one of the beautiful cities of Africa where French is a common language spoken, all with Dream World Travel’s most affordable flight rates and excellent customer services.

Top 6 things to do in Abidjan

5 facts about Abidjan


Abidjan is the most populous French-speaking city in West Africa.


It is the largest city in the Ivory Coast.


It is the economic capital of Ivory Coast.


The Plateau is the business centre of the city.


Abidjan exports natural mahogany, peeled wood, chipboard and plywood for the past two centuries.