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Adiyaman Overview

With our cheap flights to Adiyaman visit an ancient Turkish city that has been home to nearly 16 different civilizations, making it a prominent archaeological site. Sporting several fascinating ruins and striking landscapes, this city has much to offer and to be explored for the archaeologists and historians at heart. With our cheap flights to Adiyaman, visit the Fortress, Carsi Mosque, Old Palace Mosque, Kap Mosque or the Grand Mosque all belonging to the 14th century. Make a trip to the Adiyaman Museum, which proudly displays ethnographical artefacts from historical periods. Drive to the National Park and marvel at the rich habitats and biological diversity and how they have been preserved through the years. Visit Nemrut Mountian, hidden in which is the Antiochus’ tomb. Stroll through the Oturakçi Çarsisi, where you mingle with the locals and browse an eccentric selection of goods and handicrafts, rugs, kilims and saddle bags. Indulge in some of the finest local cuisine you can offer your palate such as the Meyir soup, Parmak Kebab? or Karniyar?k, K?zartma and Kaburga, Dolmal? Köfte and a nice sweet K?rma to top it all off. So avail our cheap flights to Adiyaman and guarantee a trip for yourself that will undoubtedly be comfortable and relaxing.

Top 5 things to do in Adiyaman

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