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Antananarivo Overview

Take our cheap flights to Antananarivo and fly to city that hides its real charms behind the rush of traffic and the after effects of development. The Madagascar hub of food and shopping and leisurely day trips lays often overlooked just underneath the rough surface. With our cheap flights to Antananarivo visit Rova, a hulking palace that adorns the city’s highest hill Haute-Ville and is the resting place for one of the greatest monarchs of the country. Take a trip to Musée Andafivaratra which is housed in a magnificent baroque palace, and contains the portrait of Queen Ranavalona I and her assumed lover Jean Laborde among other artefacts. Take a wlak through Parc de Tsarasaotra which, despite being in the middle of an industrial area, houses 14 endangered native bird species. Marvel at the 19th century French architecture of the Presidential Palace which was the Madagascan palace until 1991. Visit the Lac Anosy, a heart shaped lake; it has an island where the Monument aux Morts is erected, a large golden angel on a plinth. Learn more about the Madagascan life, its archaeological history, and traditional talismans in the Musée d’Art et d’Archéologie. So fly with us with our cheap flights to Antananarivo and assure a comfortable and stress free journey for yourself.