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Antigua Overview

With cheap flights to Antigua, book your flight to this amazing destination, also known as Waladli by its local residents. An amazing island in the West Indies, it is the main island here of Antigua and Barbuda. It became an independent state in 1981. Its economy mainly relies on tourism and the agriculture. The majority of its white residents are culturally Irish and British and Christian Arabs and a small populace of Asians and Sephardic Jews.

There are many ridges off the shoreline and some breath-taking fish to see. Snorkelling is also one of the best activities here, as the water is extremely clear. Some of its residents suggested Darkwood shore as a great location for diving. Local cruisers can all be hired from many spots around the island, and there are sufficiently of bays and natural ports to travel. With cheap tickets to Antigua, it has become a very prevalent destination for cooking holidays as Caribbean food is wonderful, and meals include fresh vegetables, fruit, meats, fish, and sweets. Book your next cheap flight to Antigua right now and start exploring this amazing island and enjoy the breath of peace.

Top 6 things to do in Antigua

4 facts about Antigua


Columbus named the island "Antigua" in honour of Spain's Virgin of La Antigua.


English is the official language spoken in this island as well as local dialects.


As of 2012, the GDP of this island is $1.535 billion.


As much as 91% of their total population is Black population.