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Batman Overview

Cheap flights to Batman
Take our cheap flights to Batman, and visit the beautiful and a city located towards the south eastern region of Turkey. Just outside the city is the largest oil field of Turkey. Until 1950s, the city remained to be called as a village named lluh, further which rapid development lead it towards its major structure of being called as a city. Nonetheless, the city boosts great tourism now, the famous attractions starting from the gardens to the amusement parks are numerous to count. The tomb of Veysal Karani is a renowned place to see, the Carsi Mosque could be better explored whilst your trip. Through a railway line, the city of Batman is connected with Istanbul. As the city itself doesn’t have much of the natural resources, some artificial lakes were formed to add up to its beauty and exuberance. The city is connected to many other neighbouring cities via railway and highways, so the places nearby can be best explored within the city’s range. You now have a great opportunity to see around the city that is still unexplored. So grab your cheap flights to Batman and visit the flawless city of Turkey with Dream World Travel.

Top 8 things to do in Batman

6 facts about Batman


Batman lies on a plateau, 1,772 feet above sea level.


Just outside this city is the Bat? Raman oil field, the largest oil field in Turkey.


Batman has a local airport and a military airbase.


The city became the capital of Batman Province in 1990.


The current mayor of the city is Nejdet Atalay.


The city has Batman University, which was founded in May 2007.

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