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Cheongju Overview

With cheap tickets to Cheongju, it is the capital of North Chungcheong, South Korea. Notwithstanding being the commonplace capital, is additionally a notable city credited with making the world's most established mobile metal sort print book. Try not to hope to get a look at the UNESCO-enrolled curio as the Jikji is put away in France. Regardless, Cheongju is pleased with its place in universal history and in this way hailed 2011 as a Jikji festivity year. For a residential explorer in any case, maybe Cheongju's most remarkable resource is that it houses one of Korea's significant local (with a couple of universal courses) air terminals, overhauling Cheongju as well as the close-by real city of Daejeon.

Sangdang Mountain Fortress lies on the slants of Mt. Uam inside as far as possible. Cheongju National Museum is close to this mountain, and houses a few displays of social antiquities from the close-by range. Heungdeok Temple Site is the home to the Early Printing Museum, and is implied to be the site of the printing of Jikji; the most seasoned existent book printed utilizing portable metal sort. The historical centre itself contains shows identified with the specialty of printing through the ages. Yongdusaji Cheoldanggan is assigned as Korean National Treasure Number, and is situated behind Lotte Young Plaza in downtown Cheongju. Made of twenty iron barrels, and was in the past used to hang banners to respect the Buddha. Book cheap tickets to Cheongju now!

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Cheongju is the capital and biggest metropolitan of North Chungcheong Area in South Korea. This city has been a significant provincial city since ancient periods. The administration of the province repositioned from Chungju in 1908.

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