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Djibouti Overview

Cheap flights to Djibouti

Get a chance to explore the beautiful Djibouti with Dream World Travel and unlock some beautiful moments of your travel journey. Djibouti is a French and Arabic speaking African country which is beautifully bordered by Ethiopia to the west, Eritrea to the North and Somalia to the South East. No wonder it’s a multi ethnic country located just beyond one of the busiest shipping tracks. Tourist who knack for some exciting adventure should explore the country’s stunning islands and beaches which are exotic as it says. Get amused in the wilderness of some of the breathtaking landscapes and views. The Moucha islands amongst all are the magical ones; they are stunningly surrounded within the coral reefs. View the beauty around the Lake Assal, an extreme salty lake but definitely worth visiting for. If you wish to have a hitch of the red sea then head towards the Aquarium tropical de Djibouti and Marche central to get completely enthralling outlook of the red sea treasures. Explore the oldest town of Djibouti, the Tadjoura city, which is an ideal treat for sightseeing and fishing activities. Adventure enthusiasts can further explore the Day Forest National Park, hike the Goda Mountains there and get lost in the wilderness, what else do you want from an African Country offering exuberance at its best? Book your flights to Djibouti and get to know the flawless country with us.

Top 6 things to do in Djibouti

6 facts about Djibouti


Djibouti is a Doorway to Africa for the Arabian Peninsula.


Cattle were trained in Djibouti 3,500 years ago


The city was known as French Somaliland from 1896 to 1967


Islam has been the major Religion in Djibouti for more than 1,000 Years


76% of the residents live in the Capital, Djibouti City.


The only United States military base in Africa is in Djibouti.

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