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Edremit Overview

Withcheap tickets to Edremit, it is a region in Balikesir Province, Turkey, and additionally the focal city of that locale, on the west shore of this nation. It is arranged at the tip of the inlet with a similar name, with its town focuses a couple of kilometres inland, and is a vital focal point of exchange, alongside alternate towns that are arranged on a similar bay. It is likewise one of the biggest region focuses of Province. The region of Edremit, particularly around Kazdagi, is to a great extent secured with woods.

Edremit's economy depends to a great extent on the creation of olives, and also on tourism. Edremit is known as the olive capital of Turkey. Kaz Dagi National Park, stretching out around the antiquated Mount Ida, is arranged inside the limits of city area and is an essential vacation spot with its common landscape and various pleasant little towns around it. In ethno-social terms, the number of inhabitants in metropolitan is a blend of Balkan Turks, relatives of outsiders from Balkans, Aegean Islands, a few Circassians, and in addition Tahtaci Turkmens, who seek after their own conventions and way of life right up 'til the present time. A private gallery of ethnography in the town of Tahtakuslar is one of the uncommon foundations in Turkey concentrating on Tahtaci culture. Hurry and buy cheap tickets to Edremit today!

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This city is a mid-size location in the area of Balikesir in Turkey. It has a population of approximately 40,000 inhabitants. The city is among the largest places in Turkey.

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