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Freeport Overview

Buy Cheap Tickets to Freeport, it is a city, and organized commerce zone on the island of Grand Bahamas of the northwest Bahamas. Freeport has developed to wind up plainly the second most crowded city in the Bahamas. The principle airplane terminal serving the city is the Grand Bahamas International Airport, which gets residential flights from different islands of the Bahamas and in addition a few universal flights from the United States and Canada. Despite the fact that Freeport might not have an indistinguishable number of attractions or vacationers from Nassau, there are numerous exercises and places to see for those that will investigate.

Spots worth going by are Lucayan National Park - Home of Gold Rock Beach, this marvellous stop was the taping site of Pirates of the Caribbean II and III. Albeit generally underground, the recreation centre likewise contains one of the sinkhole doors to the limestone give in framework, one of the biggest submerged give in frameworks on the planet. Port Lucaya is the visitor "hub" of the island and is the area of numerous eateries and shops. Different water-related exercises and in addition visits can be sorted out through the visitor stalls in Port Lucaya. Unrecorded music and diversion is likewise offered week after week, in spite of the fact that Friday and Saturday evenings have a tendency to be the most famous evenings (particularly amid spring break). Garden of the Groves - Former private garden of city originator Wallace Groves, this tropical heaven is definitely justified even despite your opportunity. Book Cheap Tickets to Freeport now!

Top 5 things to do in Freeport

3 facts about Freeport


Mount Alvernia raises 63 metres in height and is the uppermost peak in the Bahamas.


The name “Bahamas” derived from the Spanish words “baja mar”, which means shallow water or sea.


The first people that occupied the island were known as the Tainos

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