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Freetown Overview

Book Cheap Tickets to Freetown, it is the capital and biggest city of Sierra Leone. It is a noteworthy port city on the Atlantic Ocean and is situated in the Western Area of the nation. Freetown is Sierra Leone's major urban, monetary, money related, instructive and political focus. The city legitimate had a populace of 1,050,301 at the 2015 evaluation. The city's economy spins to a great extent around its port, which involves a piece of the estuary of the Sierra Leone River in one of the world's biggest common profound water harbours.

Freetown has a wealth of authentic historic points associated with its establishing by Americans, freed African slaves, and West Indians. The Cotton Tree speaks to the dedicating of Freetown in March 1792. In downtown Freetown is the Connaught Hospital, the primary clinic built in West Africa that consolidated Western medicinal practices. The Freetown landmass is ringed by long extends of white sand. Lumley Beach, on the western side of the landmass, is a prevalent area for neighbourhood gatherings and celebrations. Buy Cheapest Airline Tickets to Freetown now!

Top 6 things to do in Freetown

5 facts about Freetown


Freetown is the capital metropolitan of Sierra Leone.


The city has a population of more than a million residents


It is the biggest metropolis in that country.


The city is a harbour on the Freetown Peninsula on the Atlantic shore


The harbour is a very significant part of the economy of Freetown