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Friedrichshafen Overview

Cheap flights to Friedrichshafen
Book your cheap flights to Friedrichshafen and visit the beautiful industrial city of Germany, the city straddles between the borders of Switzerland and Austria, striking the Northern border of Lake Constance. The city of Friedrichshafen was established in 1811 and became a part of the new kingdom of Wurttemberg. Friedrichshafen served the Nazi as a great resort for workers, the city offers the usual transport options to its visitors, and the train services are the most chosen one. Visit the Zeppelin-Museum which was made in order to pay tribute to the famous Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin. Book your cheap flights to Friedrichshafen and visit the city with the most exuberant climate and its idyllic atmosphere make the city of Friedrichshafen a must visiting one. It serves as a perfect holiday hotspot, be it the spa or relaxing on the sandy beaches, you can also enjoy the greatest boating experience ever along with other water activities. So grab your cheap flights to Friedrichshafen and explore the city of Germany to know more about Germans and their native cities.

Top 5 things to do in Friedrichshafen

5 facts about Friedrichshafen


Frierichshafen is a city in Germany, located at the north seashore of the Lake of Constance.


It is the second biggest city at the shore after Konstanz.


About 58,000 call this city their home.


The city is well-known for having one of the first Aircrafts.


Friedrichshafen was created from the previous city of Buchhorn.

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