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Gaborone Overview

With our cheap flights to Gaborone fly to Botswana’s capital city, a relatively easy going and toned down city which is best if you’re looking to relax and lay back for a while. The city is largely moderns with little history yet a rich future ahead of it, with brilliant hotels and restaurants lining the streets and the pulse of the nation beneath its veins. Take our cheap flights to Gaborone and visit the National Museum & Art Gallery a small minimalistic museum largely overlooked and best for killing time if you have an interest in taxidermy. Take a trip to the Botswana National Reference Library which is perfect for researching about the country and its regions. Explore the Gaborone Game Reserve established by the Kalahari Conservation Society in 1988 and boasts wildebeest, elands, gemsboks, kudu, ostriches and warthogs in a natural location. Enjoy the sights of the Three Dikgosi Monument where you get a little bit of the taste of the curiously peculiar history of the country of Botswana. So fly with us with our cheap flights to Gaborone and guarantee a stress free journey for yourself where you’ll be able to relax as we take care of the rest.

Top 6 things to do in Gaborone

4 facts about Gaborone


Gaborone is the capital city of Botswana.


The city is situated on the country's main railroad line.


The town is the country's managerial hub.


Gaborone was founded by Gaborone Matlapin; he was known as Gaberones.

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