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Hangzhou Overview

Take our cheap flights to Hangzhou, a scenic city that seems as if it was taken straight out of a glossy travel magazine, without even requiring any sort of photo-manipulation. Whether you choose to explore Hangzhou via foot or a bicycle, the sights are an absolute delight. Despite the population, the city is cleaned so regularly and thoroughly that the lush green and hilly neighbourhoods and the sparkling West Lake have yet to lose their touch of beauty. With our cheap flights to Hangzhou visit the Língy?n Temple, built in 326 AD. The giant statue hides a montage of Guanyin accompanying 150 small figures. Make a trip to Hángzh?u Old City Wall Exhibition Hall, which exhibit and display what the city once looked like. Visit the Jìngcí Temple, containing within the Heavenly Kings and an elaborate case hosting the Milefo and Weituo. Walk along and witness the architecture of Six Harmonies Pagoda. Indulge in some of the finest tea at the Dragon Well Tea Village near the China National Tea Museum. Stroll and wander the Xi?oyíng Island with wooden cruise boats and some splendid views. So avail our cheap flights to Hangzhou, and rest assured that you will be well rested and relaxed before your trip to explore the city begins.

Top 5 things to do in Hangzhou

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