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Igdir Overview

With our cheap flights to Igdir fly to the driest city in Turkey that proudly drapes itself in culture as it settles into the fold of modern era. With the rise in agriculture and opening of the border gate the town has been able to progress into a livelier and wealthier persona. With our cheap flights to Igdir, visit the ruins of the medieval city of Surmari, which has a surviving citadel estimated to date back to 1224. Take a trip to Caravanserai of Zor, which dates back to the 13th century. Pay your respects to the fallen and learn a little more of the sad past through which Turkey suffered during World War I at the Genocide Memorial, erected by tee Turkish authorities in 1997. Visit the city where restaurants and diners with menus populated with all cuisines from European to local specialties fill city streets and road corners. The warm people eager to show off their heritage and proudly boast about their history are always ready to welcome visitors. So fly with us with our cheap flights to Igdir and guarantee a stress free journey for yourself where you’ll be able to relax as we take care of the rest.
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