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Jeju City Overview

You must make your plans with cheap flights to Jeju City, which is the biggest and capital city of Jeju Special Autonomous Province, South Korea. Dominatingly the managerial and populace capital of Jeju Island, this city is likewise likely the first and only stop for sightseers, playing host to Jeju International Airport and in addition the real residential ship terminal. Because of its focal position in transportation, Jeju City sees the fundamental offer of traveller movement to the island.

Numerous sightseers touch base at the city through the port terminal or air terminal, remain in the visitor lodgings of the Sinjeju neighbourhood, and remain inside the city to visit different Jeju vacation spots. These incorporate Dragon's Head Rock along the drift; three openings in the downtown range; Hallasan National Park in the inside; the nation's tallest mountain, Hallasan; and world's biggest professional flowerbed. Being an ocean side town, there are numerous incredible fish eateries accessible, so simply take your pick. There are prepared to-eat crude fish plates with serving of mixed greens and sauce sold on Dongmun showcase. In spite of the fact that not inside genuine Jeju City, Geumseong Village, only South of Gwakji Beach, West Coast, is directed by Jeju City. Also, there you'll see a standout amongst the most interesting and well-disposed spots to eat and drink on the island. So hurry and buy cheap tickets to Jeju City now!

Top 5 things to do in Jeju City

3 facts about Jeju City


Jeju City is known similarly as the capital of this island as New York City for New York.


Jeju Island was built from lava around 2 million years ago from Halla Mountain.


The highest mountain, the Halla Mountain is situated on Jeju Island.

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