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Kahramanmaras Overview

Cheap flights to Kahramanmaras

Book cheap tickets to Kahramanmaras, it is a city in Akdeniz, Turkey and the managerial focus of Kahramanmaras Province. The city lies on a plain at the foot of the Ahir Mountain and has a populace of the greater part a million inhabitants. The locale is best known for its creation of flour produced using dried orchid tubers, and its particular dessert. It is associated via air to Istanbul and Ankara.

A portion of the best places to find in this city incorporates The Castle Of Kahramanmaras, The Covered Bazaar, Pinarbasi, Ulu Mosque, Kahramanmaras Zoo, Seven Sleepers, Tas Medrese, Dongel Caves and Kahramanmaras Museum. Kahramanmaras is possibly one of the most secure urban communities in Turkey for its size. There are no ghettos or locale you ought to stay away from. All in all, you can visit any piece of the city whenever of the day. So book cheap tickets to Kahramanmaras today!

Top 6 things to do in Kahramanmaras

5 facts about Kahramanmaras


Kahramanmaras is located in southern Turkey at the edge of a fertile plain northeast of Adana.


The city is close the southern opening of three significant passes through the Taurus Mountains.


The city was the capital of the Hittite kingdom of Gurgum.


It was recognized to the conquering Assyrians and, later, to the Romans.


The Arabs occupied it and used it as a base for the intrusions into Anatolia.

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