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Kano Overview

Cheap flights to Kano
Now with cheap flights to city, visit the capital city of the Kano state of Northern Nigeria. Nigeria’s beauty is most worthy of witnessing; exploring its historical sites and some masterpieces of art is a must to do at Kano. See and watch the magical dyeing process at the Kofar Matar Dyeing pits by the local artists which is unique in all over the world are still popularly in demand, the Kano city wall is an ancient one serving as a landscape of the existence of people in past. The Kano city is one of the most populated cities in the Northern Nigerian states; the Emir’s palace is yet another thriving historic relic which has a unique structure that cannot be ignored by the visitors for sure. Be a horse rider at the Kano Durbar and get exuberant knowledge of the history at the Gidan Makam museum of the city. Be a foodie at the Al-Amir restaurant and get indulge in the yumminess of cuisines like Miyan Toushe and Tuwo Shinkafa. Dream World Travel makes some extra efforts to cater some of the best and most affordable cheap flights to Kano, we are not only providing good customer service but are enthusiastically working towards the betterment of our services so that we can serve you well. Explore more by discovering it yourself, get your cheap flights to Kano and witness the history and artifacts of this Nigerian beauty.

Top 6 things to do in Kano

8 facts about Kano


Kano is a city situated in Nigeria; the centre of the Kano State.


It is the third major city in Nigeria after Ibadan and Lagos.


About 3.6 million inhabitants call Kano their home place.


Kano has long been the financial hub of northern Nigeria.


Kano city is the place where the Kano river development was established.


Agriculture is the main economic activity and provides work to more than 90% of the people.


Kano is well-familiar as a hub for cultural arts and crafts such as weaving, ceramic objects and wood carving.


Beautiful Kano leather materials are exported to Europe and North America.

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