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Kharkov Overview

Kharkov is the second-biggest city in Ukraine. You can visit with cheap flights to Kharkov, which is the biggest city of the Slobozhanshchyna recorded locale. With populace of 1.5 million occupants, Kharkov is the managerial focus of Kharkov Oblast and of the encompassing locale, however authoritatively it is joined as a city of oblast essentialness and does not have a place with the rayon. Directly, Kharkov is a noteworthy social, logical, instructive, transport and mechanical focus of Ukraine, with 6 exhibition halls, 7 theatres and 80 public libraries.

The city is situated in the upper east of the nation. The city can appear to be extremely outside for western voyagers, for the most part on account of Cyrillic letters with cheap flights to Kharkov. It would be exceptionally helpful to figure out how to peruse the Cyrillic letters in order before coming to Ukraine. Despite the fact that numerous road moans on the structures, they have now additionally Latin transliteration. Locals communicate in Ukrainian, additionally Russian, as it is arranged from the Russian outskirt, however much of the time individuals there combine these two dialects. English is talked inadequately, for the most part by youthful Ukrainians. So buy your cheap tickets to Kharkov now!

Top 5 things to do in Kharkov

3 facts about Kharkov


Kharkov is the second major town in Ukraine.


In the northeast region of the nation, it is the biggest metropolitan of the Slobozhanshchyna ancient district.


The city is positioned in the upper east region of Ukraine.

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