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Konya Overview

Cheap flights to Konya
With cheap flights to Konya, visit the 7th most populous city of Turkey. The city of Konya is jam packed with the stunning attractions and architectural beauties. The city has become an important religious sector of Konya and an important cultural hub too. Visit the Mevlana museum which has tomb of the 13th century’s religious leader, Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi. Explore the Tile museum, founded in around 1251 by Seljuk emir Celaleddin Karatay which has now become a famous museum and a real popular place for tourists and visitors. Book your cheap flights to Konya and see the Museum of Wooden and Stone Carving is another exotic museum having some distinct features. Visit the Alaeddin Tepe, a former and well-known citadel which is a famous place for the people of Konya to boulevard usually in the evening. Explore the Archaeology museum which depicts both modern and ancient times relics. Right in front of the Mevlana museum is the Selimiye Mosque with a huge and vibrant dome, is easily visible from distance. So get your cheap flights to Konya, and visit the culturally rich and packed with religious importance city of Turkey with Dream World Travel.

Top 7 things to do in Konya

4 facts about Konya


Konya is one of the imperative cities in Turkey.


The city is in the Central Anatolia where 2 million residents reside.


It is the trade hub of a farming and livestock nurturing region.


The city was known in classical times and during the medieval era as Ikoviov.

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