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La Paz Overview

La Paz is the influential capital of Bolivia, and the seat of the Supreme Court. With cheap flights to La Paz, it was founded in 1548, and is in the Andes. Elevation of the metropolitan ranges from around 13,000 ft. above ocean level in El Alto (where the airplane terminal is situated) to 10,170 ft. in the lower local location. It is the most astounding national capital on the planet. The sight from the air as one fly into La Paz is unfathomable. La Paz is an essential social focal point of Bolivia. With cheap flights to La Paz, the city has a few houses of prayer having a place with the pilgrim times, for example, the San Francisco Cathedral and the Metropolitan Cathedral, this keep going one situated on Murillo Square, which is likewise home of the political and managerial energy of the nation.

Many distinctive galleries can be found over the city, the most remarkable ones on Jaen Street, which road configuration has been protected from the Spanish days and is home of 10 unique exhibition halls. The home of the Bolivian government is situated on Murillo Square and is known as "Palacio Quemado" as it has been ablaze a few times. The castle has been re-established commonly since, however the name has stayed untouched.

Top 7 things to do in La Paz

4 facts about La Paz


La Paz lies between 10,650 and 13,250 feet above sea level.


The city is the world’s highest state capital.


Visitors frequently find difficult because of the obscure atmosphere at those altitudes.


La Paz was Bolivia’s crowded metropolitan until 21st century.

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