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Lahore Overview

Reserve your cheap flights to Lahore from Dream World Travel, a city known for its Forts, Mosques, Temples and Food streets. Lahore is the capital and the largest city of the Punjab province of Pakistan, attracting thousands of international visitors annually. Hence, it is also referred as the “city of life” because of its peculiar — traditional lifestyle.

As a cultural central of the Punjab region, Lahore is a home to several ancient religious sites, including prominent Hindu Temples, Sikh Guruduwaras, Muslim Mosques and Christian Churches. The most famous religious monument in Lahore is the Badshahi Mosque, constructed in 1673 which was the largest mosque in the world previously. Lahore has, in fact, the major publishing industry to its name, and it is also, a home to Pakistan’s film industry known as the “Lollywood”.

Apart from being one Pakistan’s most liberal and cosmopolitan cities, Lahore has a rich history associated to its reputation. Several world and national heritage sites and numerous monuments from the Mughal Empire, Sikh Empire, and the British Raj, Lahore’s architecture is pre-dominantly, a mixture of Victorian and Islamic architecture which is often attached to the term of Indo-gothic.

Again, Lahore as a tourist destination have high numbers of tourist attractions such as the Shahi Qila, Wazir Khan Mosque, Lahore Zoo, Minaar-e-Pakistan, Shalimar Bagh, Data Darbar, Eiffel Tower replica, Samdhaani of Ranjit Singh, Gurudwara Dera Sahib and Anaarkali bazaar.

Known as the city of forts and palaces, Lahore has a reputation of a food loving city. And with traditional spicy dishes and popular food streets, the city of Lahore is full of culinary outlets. The history, food, fashion, film, music, poetry, and lifestyle attract many from all across the world. Lahore is without a doubt, the most progressive and updated cities of Pakistan and with superior modern day railway system and public transport infrastructure, Lahore is by far the most appealing and convenient cities of Pakistan.

Book a cheap flight to Lahore and get familiar to an enriching city with all of its diversified lifestyle and most importantly, to its cultural heritage. Again, we believe that you should avail such a lifetime opportunity to visit Lahore city. And if you are looking to visit Lahore city through an affordable flight, then it can’t get any better if you are visiting it through Dream World Travel.

Top 6 things to do in Lahore

6 facts about Lahore


Lahore is known as the 14th most populous city of the world.


The city is the 2nd largest metropolitan areas of Pakistan


The Lahore zoo is also famous for being the 2nd oldest zoo of South Asia


Lahore is the 2nd largest city of Pakistan


Lahore has rich history that’s why it is a culturally important city of Pakistan


Lahore Railway Station is biggest Railway Station in Pakistan. Pakistan Railways is headquartered in Lahore