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Lilongwe Overview

Cheap flights to Lilongwe
With cheap flights to Lilongwe, visit the capital city of Malawi. Lilongwe is situated in the central region of Malawi, and it borders nearby the Zambia and Mozambique cities. Lilongwe city was once known as a fishing village, may be that is the reason of its minor population, however, the city was declared a separate town in 1947 and it became the capital of Malawi in 1975. Once you land in the city at the Kamuzu International Airport to its north, you have numerous options to sightsee the city, it’s up to you to choose within the bus routes or the railroads. The old town of the city displays a completely typical African outlook; however the shops and restaurants are modernized after the vast tourism bustles the city. The gleaming gardens and the effervescent buildings, the contemporary markets and finely arranged streets add a pinch of more attractiveness to the city. Explore the Lilongwe Nature Sanctuary where you will come across the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre. To have a relaxing stay, the city offers various hotels which are built up keeping in mind the modern tourism. To know more about its settlement and vast history, book your cheap flights to Lilongwe and visit the diverse city of Malawi and explore its worth exploring sites with Dream World Travel.

Top 6 things to do in Lilongwe

6 facts about Lilongwe


Lilongwe is situated 3,440 ft. above sea level.


The people of Lilongwe are called Malawians.


Lilongwe is the capital town of Malawi.


The city is nearly twice the size of Birmingham!


It edges with Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique.


Many of its local residents live below the poverty line.

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