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Limoges Overview

Visit with cheap flights to Limoges, which is a city in the Limousin district of France. Rare stays of pre-urban settlements have been found in the range of Limoges. The capital of the Gaulish individuals of the Lemovices, who lived in the range, was presumably either close Villejoubert, a few kilometers south-east of Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat, or St Gence, only west of Limoges. The city legitimate was established as Augustoritum by the Romans. The establishment was a piece of the rearrangement of the region by the head Augustus, thus the new name. The Roman city incorporated an amphitheatre, a theatre, a discussion, showers and a few asylums. With cheap flights to Limoges, as indicated by custom, a sanctuary sanctified to Venus, Diana, Minerva and Jupiter was situated close to the present day house of prayer. The city was on the run of the mill Roman square arrangement, with two fundamental roads crossing in the middle. It had a Senate and its very own cash, an indication of its significance in the magnificent age. Afterward, in the same way as other towns and urban areas in Gaul, it was renamed after the tribe whose main town it was; "Lemovices" in this way developed into "Limoges", and "Lemovicinus" for the zone around changed into "Limousin".

Top 7 things to do in Limoges

3 facts about Limoges


Limoges city is situated in southwest-central region of France.


The city is recognized for its ornamented porcelain, much of which is on exhibited at the National Museum.


In its historic gallery, old-fashioned timber-frame homes line up the Rue de la Boucherie.

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