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Luanda Overview

With Cheap Tickets to Luanda, in the past named Sao Paulo da Assuncao de Loanda, it is the capital and biggest city in Angola, and the nation's most crowded and essential city, essential port and major mechanical, social and urban focus. Situated on Angola's drift with the Atlantic Ocean, Luanda is both Angola's main seaport and its authoritative focus. It has a metropolitan populace of more than 6 million. It is additionally the capital city of Luanda Province, and the world's third most crowded Portuguese-talking city, behind just Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, both in Brazil, and the most crowded Portuguese-talking capital city on the planet, in front of Brasília, Maputo and Lisbon.

The city is as of now experiencing a noteworthy reproduction with numerous huge improvements occurring that will adjust its cityscape fundamentally. A portion of the notable spots to see with cheap flights to Luanda are Augostinho Neto Mausoleum, Fortaleza de Sao Miguel, and National Museum of Slavery. National Museum of Natural History, Igreja Nossa Senhora do Populo and Fortaleza de Sao Pedro da Barra are additionally a portion of the considerable spots individuals visit while their adventure to this city of Angola. So book your arrangement quick with cheap tickets to Luanda as this is the best time to visit here.

Top 5 things to do in Luanda

6 facts about Luanda


Luanda is the capital metropolitan of Angola.


Doubting how to say the name of this delightful city? It’s pronounced Loo-an-da.


The total land space of Luanda is 2,257 square kilometres.


Luanda’s population was 2.1 million in 2014.


Luanda is located 20 ft. above sea level.


Inhabitants of Luanda are well-known as Angolans.