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Malaga Overview

With cheap flights to Malaga, visit the port city of Spain. Malaga is the oldest of all Mediterranean seaports, you can find the Roman ruins still present there, and you can see the beautiful scenery and a cultural stretch to the beach. Tour around the city and find the Moorish castle or the Alcazaba of the 9th century being rich in the Roman Ruins, the houses of the castle features the Museum of Malaga having the best collection of paintings from the 19th century. If you have love for music, visit the Interactive Museum of Music that has one of the largest collections of musical instruments in Europe. Visit the Crocodile Park located in Torremonlinos; see and experience the prehistoric monsters, walk beside them, take pictures with the baby crocodiles. The Cathedral that has the most stunning architecture worth exploring, the La Concepcion Botanical Gardens contains several gardens which are styled in a typical Roman manner, the Castillo de Gibralfaro is another old castle that dates back to the 10th century, you can experience the beauty by walking along its sideways. With cheap flights to Malaga, visit The Roman Theatre lies at the foot of Alcazaba fortress. The Roman Theatre is 16 meters tall with a radius of 31 meters. Visit the Carmen thyssen Museum; it has an outstanding collection of 19th and 20th century Spanish Paintings. For modern art lovers there is a worth visiting attraction Pablo Ruiz Picasso Foundation Birthplace Museum which is an old museum and the house of Picasso. Don’t forget to enjoy in the Battery Park; it has excellent views, children’s playground, lookout tower and splendid ornamental fountains. It is one of the most preferred locations of tourist and locals as well. Now with Dream World Travel’s cheap flights to Malaga, explore the beautiful city of Spain and that too at the most affordable flight rates, grab the finest tickets and trip around Spain.

Top 6 things to do in Malaga

7 facts about Malaga


Situated 80 miles north of Africa, Malaga is the southernmost big city in Europe.


Malaga is one of the world’s ancient cities, founded in 770 BC, formerly known as Malaka.


Throughout the 6th century BC, this city was ruled by Ancient Carthage.


Currently, it is amongst the busiest harbours on the Mediterranean.


The Roman Republic took control of the city in 218 BC.


This city became a part of the Roman Empire, and known as Malaqah for 800 years.


Malaga was dominated by Christian forces in 1487 during the Reconquista.