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Malatya Overview

Cheap flights to Malatya

With cheap tickets to Malatya, it is a vast city in the Eastern Anatolia area of Turkey and the capital of Malatya Province. The city has been a human settlement for a huge number of years. Malatya is a generally new city by Turkish gauges, despite the fact that its antiquated name, Malidiya, goes back to Hittites, a Bronze Age individuals of Anatolia. Today, with its populace of more than 400,000 tenants, Malatya is the biggest city of focal eastern Anatolia, where delicately moving steppes of Central Anatolia offer approach to intensely rough territory of Eastern Anatolia.

The level on which Malatya lies is encompassed by higher mountains, some of which are secured with plantations that deliver the apricots, for which the city is renowned. Visit with cheap flights to Malatya the International Arts and Apricot Festival in July. Go to Malatya Park AVM (shopping centre), the biggest shopping centre in eastern Turkey. An ice skating arena and a motion picture theatre with subtitled movies are additionally accessible there. So rush and book cheap tickets to Malatya now!

Top 5 things to do in Malatya

4 facts about Malatya


Malatya is located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, and is an agricultural and industrial centre of Eastern Anatolia.


This area was called "Maldiya" in early times.


The town is situated 670 kilometres east of the capital, Ankara.


It is the metropolitan holding the old Hittite civilizations and styles.

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