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Manaus Overview

With cheap flights to Manaus, it is a Brazilian city of around 2.5 million, situated on the Rio Negro a couple of miles before it meets the Rio Solimoes to frame the Amazon River appropriately. The two waterways stream one next to the other for some miles, diverse in shading, blending in whirlpools: the "Meeting of the Waters." Legend has it that they never blend. The city is lovely and amicable, albeit very hot, is as yet a noteworthy port, and a decent beginning stage for waterway visits. The Rio Negro (northern) branch of the Amazon is the shade of solid tea, peaty dark coloured and its similar corrosiveness implies couple of mosquitoes. At Manaus the Amazon raises and falls just about twenty meters between seasons. In May and June it's at its pinnacle, full and wide, spreading way out into the trees. In November and December it's low; still gigantic yet with sandbars. It is the centre of tourism for the waterways, the wilderness lodges and the stream travels.

For excursions to shorelines and parks arranged close to the city, it is frequently important to utilize water crafts. With cheap flights to Manaus, the shorelines are shaped directly after the waterway water level begins dropping, which endures from August to November. Beginning in December, as the stream rises, the waters attack the sand and the forested areas on the banks. The Paricatuba Waterfall, situated on the correct bank of the Negro River, along a little tributary, is framed by sedimentary rocks, encompassed by plentiful vegetation. Access is by vessel. So hurry and book cheap tickets to Manaus now!

Top 6 things to do in Manaus

3 facts about Manaus


Manaus is a famous city of Manaus, located on the coast of the Negro River in Brazil.


This city is the capital of the state of Amazonas, and a main departure site for the Amazon Rainforest.


Adjacent with the city, the Negro River touches with the brown, muddy Solimoes River.

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