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Mardin Overview

Cheap flights to Mardin

With cheap tickets to Mardin, it is a chronicled city in Southeastern Anatolia, Turkey. A city arranged on the highest point of a slope, it is known for its intriguing engineering comprising of intensely finished stonework falling from the peak, albeit at times punctured by new, appalling development. Mardin lies at the core of country of Syriacs, an old people who follow their source to Akkadian Empire, set up in Mesopotamia around 2200 BC.

All sights of Mardin are situated in old city. Zinciriye Medresesi, an Islamic school worked by the Artuqids, leaders of the range at that point, in 1385. Church of Fortiesi is a Syriac Orthodox church going back to tenth century. On the off chance that you are bumming a ride toward Urfa, it will be most effortless to take a modest minibus from the Mardin transport station to Kiziltepe, a town only south of Mardin. Along these lines, book your arrangement now with cheap tickets to Mardin and relish the excursion.

Top 6 things to do in Mardin

5 facts about Mardin


Mardin is a city located in southeastern Turkey.


The capital of Mardin Province is known for the Artuqid construction of its ancient city.


It is recognized for its deliberate location on a rocky hill nearby the Tigris River.


The city and its environs were engrossed into Assyria proper for the period of the Middle Assyrian Empire.


In the Roman era, the city was known as Marida.

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