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Monastir Overview

If you ever desire to travel to some of the oldest countries in the world, you must make your plans right now to Tunisia where cheap flights to Monastir, which is well-known city in the region, dates as old as Phonecian era! With population of around 100,000, the city was primarily a fishing harbour in the previous times, which has now transformed into an astounding tourist attraction. The city is situated on a great position, in the middle shoreline of Tunisia in a Sahel district. The city was mainly built on the ruins of the Roman city, and hence, it preserves Ribat of Monastir, used for shield against attack from the foes. The Ribat used to be a famous filming site for two movies.

The city has a good Sahel metro line and the Habib Bourguiba International Airport serves the city where cheap flights to Monastir come daily from many of the European countries. People such as the great scholars do stay in the city on frequent basis where they sit in a group for extra meditation. As far as the climate is concerned, the city offers high temperatures in summertime with slightly mild winters with almost no precipitation. Travellers can without any effort stroll through the city by walking as there is a well-preserved Ribat, which is a fort adjacent the river. It offers great views and ruins, and it is also known to many a great filming site for movies.

Another great place to visit is the Mausoleum of Bourguiba that is situated in the middle of a large cemetery near the famous Ribat, the giant graveyard their loving president, Habib Bourguiba. Nearby is a mosque where his devotees gather, which is inherited with outstanding decoration. It reveals some great murals and excellent job rendered by the craftsmen. Besides, for thrill lovers, snorkelling is performed at the Kuriate Islands, where they allow them to do fishing as well with some extra charges. The city also has 2 golf courses, a great activity for the rich as well as Kart racing, famous among the locals. Make your booking now with cheap tickets to Monastir and enjoy this place now!

Top 3 things to do in Monastir

3 facts about Monastir


Monastir, also familiar by the name of Mistir, is a popular town on the central shoreline of Tunisia.


The city is situated on a region known as Sahel, and is located south of Sousse.


In the past era, Monastir was a famous fishing harbour; it is now a main vacationer destination.

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