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Multan Overview

Visit with cheap flights to Multan, which is the 6th biggest city of Pakistan. It is in the South of Punjab in Pakistan. It is some of the time alluded to as The City of Saints. Multan is one of the most seasoned urban communities in the Asian subcontinent. According to Hindu legends, it was the capital of the Trigarta Kingdom at the season of the Mahabharata war, led by the Katoch Dynasty. Its present name is gotten from the Sanskrit name Mulasthana named after a sun sanctuary. Multan has oftentimes been a site of contention because of its area on a noteworthy intrusion course between South Asia and Central Asia. It is accepted to have been gone by Alexander the Great's armed force.

The city of Multan is in southern Punjab territory at practically the correct focal point of Pakistan. With cheap flights to Multan, the region around the city is a level, alluvial plain and is perfect for agribusiness, with numerous citrus and mango ranches. There are many channels that cut over the Multan District, giving water from close-by ranches. This makes the land exceptionally prolific. However more often than not arrive near the Chenab are normally overflowed in the rainstorm season. Multan has enough to keep the guest intrigued for 1 or 2 days - the features are the old post and tombs, and the brilliant Institute of Blue Pottery. Know that in the event that you are not of south Asian appearance you will get a great deal of consideration, from the two local people and the specialists.

Top 5 things to do in Multan

3 facts about Multan


The popular city of Multan is situated in Punjab province in Pakistan.


Located on the coast of the Chenab River, this city is nation’s sixth most populous metropolitan.


Multan is the leading cultural and financial hub of southern province.

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