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Nagpur Overview

Nagpur is among the vibrant metropolises in the state of Maharashtra in the gorgeous country, India and is the next capital of this major state. With cheap flights to Nagpur, you must make your plans to explore this city, which is also renowned for the growth of oranges. Hence, this city is also sometimes known as “The City of Oranges”. Ranked by the survey, the city is one of the best places to travel as it has loads of greeneries, enjoyment, and health care facilitation to its residents. Being located in the centre of the state, this region is interconnected with countless important metropolises of India, due to extreme demand. High-quality infrastructure is also a best quality of this city to share with residents.

The city is known for its high percentage of literacy rate, which was nearly 90% in 2001. The local language spoken in the district is called Marathi, while the mother tongue, Hindi is too widely understood among the locals. But not to worry, as English is also quite familiar to majority of the individuals, and is good for the travellers. The city remains quite busy at the peak hours of travelling; morning as well as evening due to the main offices location in this town. When travelling here with cheap flights to Nagpur, do see the Ambazari Lake & garden which is a well-known place to see. Besides that, Khindsi Watersports is a great site for natural sightseeing and water-based activities. The Shri Ganesh Temple is located near the train station in the centre of the city, The Dragon Temple, Futala Lake, amazing botanical gardens, Raman Science Centre are some of the major places anyone should not miss!

As mentioned above that this city is well-known for its oranges, don’t forget to try their delicious & sweet oranges as well as the famous orange-burfi, which is very adored among the citizens. When it comes to local eateries, Nagpur has heaps to provide with vegetarians and Non-veg people. You will find many small restaurants selling their food and also have different branches after they are well-recognized in one place. The name of Haldirams is one of the famous places to eat, which also has collaboration with airline and railway where you will get to see this name. Also, there are many economical and Star-ranking accommodations, which make your stay comfortable. So make your plans to explore this fabulous city with cheap airline flights to Nagpur right now!

Top 3 things to do in Nagpur

3 facts about Nagpur


Nagpur is also known as “The Orange City”, where Oranges are grown in vast quantity.


Very rare to see, but you will notice double-diamond crossing in this city!


Wildlife lovers would love to know that the state hold the third major population of the Bengal Tigers.

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