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Natal Overview

Brazil is surely among the wonderful countries where travellers visit all year long to observe its beauty. With cheap flights to Natal, this city is located on its Atlantic shore, and hence, is a very popular spot especially for the beach lovers. The place is also renowned for many ancient locations as well as other natural places; a great way to explore Brazil! Natal is certainly a quite ancient city with its roots initiating back to the 16th century era. Though, this place did not receive much affluent in its augmenting, Natal is well-known for cattle farming, and salt & oil exploration to the world. Visitors reach here with cheap flights to Natal not because this place has any shimmering night life to offer like they can relish in other parts of Brazil; they visit so to acquire peace of mind and calm environ, and many of the Brazilians have houses in this city where they come in summertime to spend their relaxed time. Forte dos Reis Magos is a famous star-looking castle built back in the 16th century which served as a military supervision and reformatory area. Another point of interest is the Ponte Newton Navarro; it is a bridge above the Potengi River which interconnects to the north-eastern parts of the town.

For what Brazil is famous for, is the amazing beach “Ponta Negra”, where many rich people and the tourists too enjoy their visit. Via Costeira is another must-to see beach on the eastern side of the city. Near the Army base, do visit the mind-blowing sunset by the Potengi River. Alecrim neighbourhood is where majority of the local shops are located, and is among the demanding streets in Natal. The Praia shopping mall has 100+ shops, which visitors must see as it is not too far from the beach as well.

Top 3 things to do in Natal

3 facts about Natal


The Brazilian city, Natal is the capital metropolitan of the state of Rio Grande do Norte.


he city is recognized for its wide shoreline sandbanks and an ancient 16th-century Portuguese citadel near the Potengi River.


The well-known Via Costeira highway connects a 15km stretch of seashores south of the castle.

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