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New Bern Overview

One of the small towns located in the Craven County, South Carolina in the United States, with cheap flights to New Bern, you add this city to explore in your next trip. Having a population of approximately 30,000 only in the 2010 census, the city is quite ancient with its roots aging to the eighteenth century era. The Raleigh-Durham International Airport serves as a point to arrive to this town as well as major interstates and highways are also accessible to reach here in your own ride.

When roaming around, you must have your personal car as taxis can make things quite expensive. The Tyron Palace is surely a must-to-see place that was built during the mid-century of 1900’s as the original fort was burnt in the eighteenth century. The city is renowned for offering some great traditional and common foods, one of which is the 247 Craven that offers use of its distinctive recipe for providing the best meal. The Chelsea restaurant is another famous one among the locals, and it offers some scrumptious steak and fries in the town. The Ribeyes Steakhouse, Baker’s Kitchen and MJ’s Bar & Grill are some of the many famous names that have many mouth-watering dishes to offer.

You can also indulge your evening at some of the best coffee bars and restaurants such as Mickey Milligan’s and the Hilton that are also great places for occasional hangouts. The Trent River Coffee Company should be also in your list to visit as they also present live presentations and free Wi-Fi to the visitors. When you come to this city with cheap airline flights to Newcastle, stay stress-free as the town has some well-known names for lodging such as Days Inn, Comfort Suites, Hampton Inn, etc. Make this city a must-to-visit as you will be surely amazed with the great places it has to offer!

Top 3 things to do in New Bern

3 facts about New Bern


Great to know but the city of North Carolina, New Bern is the second oldest towns in the United States.


The first printing press was established in this city almost 300 years ago.


This city is where the first Roman Catholic cathedral was inaugurated.

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