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New Plymouth Overview

When planning to make your next destination New Zealand, which lies in the southern hemisphere of the globe; cheap flights to New Plymouth can make your explorations much enjoyable. The well-known Taranaki area’s major city, this city is located on northern island of NZ, and near the Taranaki Mountain. Being not an over-crowded town with population less than 75,000 according to the 2013 census, the region still has many activities to offer to its locals as well as new travellers.

When deciding to reach here with cheap flights to New Plymouth, strolling is a great option to choose rather than driving! The Coastal Walkway is a paved walkway for pedestrians that makes this thing convenient, and at the same time, offers a mind-blowing view of the Tasman Sea, which is near the busy city centre. Some of its well-known places to certainly check out are the Botanical Gardens, the famous city library, and some shopping centres where you can make buying needs easily. Puke Ariki is a well-known street where you can have the pleasure of seeing arts centres, library, restaurants, and more.

Govett-Brewster Art Museum is very popular for being the primary place for modern art. The great view of Mt. Taranaki delivers an amazing look to the people, located at some 8,000ft above the city ground to where people love to hike and go up through the walking pathways. As being near the sea, visitors love surfing at the beach and come with cheap tickets to New Plymouth to see the Music & Dance World festival that is celebrated in March every year. Pukekura Park is a fantastic botanical city garden that offers a spectacular theme of various ponds and lagoons. So hurry up and make your plans to visit here now!

Top 3 things to do in New Plymouth

3 facts about New Plymouth


The city of New Plymouth is located on the west shoreline of New Zealand’s island.


This city is also recognized doe to its seaside pathway extending to the Taranaki River.


The famous Te Rewa Rewa Bridge offers amazing views of Mount Taranaki.

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