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Newquay Overview

One of the small yet attention-grabbing towns situated at a short distance of the well-known city, Bodmin, is Newquay in England. It is quite near the River Gannel and also the Porth Valley. With cheap flights to Newquay, the city has seen a major expansion since its foundation, and has a population of only 20,000 as of its 2011 census. The city is known as a great tourist destination for more than 100 years due to having some great stretching of white-sand beaches, one of which is the famous Fistral. Being a less populated city as mentioned, it could even cross to 100,000 during summers when people come to this place and make their stay in this beautiful region.

With cheap flights to Newquay, there are loads to do as there Tranance Leisure Gardens are located, extending to a long way. From ancient days, it has delivered great sites for strolling, tennis courts, which is still recognized by the locals around here. The amazing scenery of the greeneries, traditional cottages built; it leads directly to the lake where people can enjoy boating. The Cornwall College offers degrees to students in various Botanical & Zoological majors, as this campus is sited right near the Newquay Zoo in the valley. The main railway station is a major hub of travelling for the people, and the train offers daily facilities to and from London. As every place is quite near to each other, though the bus service in the city makes thing run efficiently. Some great places to see include Blue reef Aquarium, a great sightseeing to observe great species of aquatic animals.

The Crantock Beach delivers auspicious views extending 2kms from the city, as well as the Great Western beach that is a famous family place near a famous hotel chain. Certainly, when it comes to shopping and munching on at some great eateries, the name of the Lusty Glaze Bay cannot be truly missed. Accommodation in the city is not a problem as there are many budget and lavishing places to stay for any person. The Boutique Hostel is a famous name for providing morning breakfast, and is near to many noticeable and well-liked sightseeing. So book your cheap tickets to Newquay now and start exploring this magnificent English city today!

Top 3 things to do in Newquay

4 facts about Newquay


Newquay is indeed a well-known small city located on the north shoreline of Cornwall, in England.


This place is popular for having amazing Fistral and Watergate Bay seashores.


On its waterfront, the Blue Reef Maritime presents great underwater tunnel meeting coral-reef cistern.


Newquay’s famous Zoo is known to be home for lions, wildlife animals due to having location in tropical region.

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