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Palermo Overview

Palermo is the capital of the island of Sicily, which is situated on the northern coastline. With cheap flights to Palermo, this town is highly recognized for history, traditions, gastronomy, etc. It has remained as among the significant places since its inception, which is known to be as old as 2,700 years! It is also sometimes called the city of delights as it comprises of beautiful mosques and forts as well as some of the extravagant garden. The Palermo International Airport (PMO) serves as the main gateway for tourists to get here with cheap flights to Palermo.

Though, it’s not quite small city, people still prefer roaming around strolling in the town. With cheap flights to Palermo, the magnificent monuments reflect city’s traditional and natural beauty as this place has many sightseeing to offer to visitors. The Cathedral is a honey coloured structure and known as Catalian influenced. Due to having a long history, it has been evolved number of times with various architectural styles, and the last time it was transformed was in the eighteenth century era. The Quattro Canti is a famous crossroad right here at the old centre of the town, which is believed to be built in the Irish dominant period. At the Ballaro St, there is a street market that sells seafood, fresh produce & fruits for residents’ ease. San Giovanni is an ancient cathedral ruin and is cherished by many locals who come here every day to relax and get their stress away.

The Gesu Cathedral is amongst the best architectural places built in the era of sixteenth century. The beautiful craving and decorations on the wall truly offers it a factual Palermo appearance. Sail boating is a great excursion in the city as Occhio al boma is a cruise facility that people take advantage of. Here, you can perform activities like snorkelling, sun bathing, and enjoy some of the best eateries in its neighbourhood. The International House Language Centre offers some best Italian language programs, which includes traditional cooking, scuba diving, and trips of the island. The centre is also famous for English language education. There are also great eateries around the city and many sandwich stalls around, as well as some best places for lodging. The B&B Palermo Lincoln Suite, B&B Novecento and many more are reasonable places to make your stay for a few nights. Book your cheap tickets to Palermo today to start discovering this city.

Top 3 things to do in Palermo

4 facts about Palermo


Palermo city is the capital of Sicily, an Italian island.


The marvellous 12th-century Palermo Church bears majestic tombs; the Teatro Massimo is recognized for opera presentations.


The Palazzo dei Normanni is a regal fortress inaugurated in the 9th century era.


Ballaro street souk and the Vucciria are the busiest markets nearby the port.

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