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Palmerston Overview

The seventh biggest city of New Zealand with a population of around 75,000; you can visit with cheap flights to Palmerston, which is also identified as the home for the major campus of Massey University. So, it makes this place a student-oriented city where some 18,000 people are enrolled and it comprises an Air force Base nearby. Palmerston North Airport (PMR) serves the city as a major airfield for the travellers where flights from New Zealand’s main cities arrive on a daily basis. This region of the country is constructed around The Square. The best way to wander around is by the means of bicycle as roads are quite compressed, and there are many places that even offer cycle parking and have tracks to park easily.

Massey University is surely a must to see place with cheap flights to Palmerston. Te Manawa is another great attraction where people come to see museums, amazing science centres and art galleries, which increases knowledge and brings a blend in life. The award-winning city library serves the city with loads of informational materials and Centrepoint Theatre where it performs a huge range of plays and serving coffees and dessert. The Esplanade is a beautiful park where people mostly come for strolling and relaxing. They come along with kids, enjoy BBQ food, and visit the Victoria House, which is also situated in this garden. The Lido Aquatic Centre is renowned for its indoor & outdoor water facilities such as pools, spa and swimming pools for kids on its huge space.

The Manawatu Gorge walking trail is where people come for refreshment at the lavish green area and enjoy the breath taking valley on the way. When it comes to find best places to eat, the city has loads to offer; Barista is an amazing casual dining, the famous Downtown Foodcourt, a friendly-environed Lone Star bistro, and the famous Yatai Japanese Restaurant serving great food. When it comes to lodging, you can stay at some of the economical places such as Pavilion Motel, Hotel Coachman, Comfort Inn Court, and Distinction Palmerston Hotel. So start making your plans to visit here with cheap tickets to Palmerston now!

Top 3 things to do in Palmerston

4 facts about Palmerston


Palmerston is the 7th biggest metropolitan of New Zealand.


It bears a population of around 75,000 residents only.


Palmerston is also recognized as the home for the chief campus of Massey University.


Palmerston North Airport (PMR) functions as the city major airfield for the travellers.

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