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Petersburg Overview

Book cheap tickets to Saint Petersburg, which is a world-class goal and Russia's second biggest city, with a populace of more than 5 million roosted at the eastern tip of the Baltic Sea and the Neva River. This is a standout amongst the most stunningly wonderful places on earth and for all intents and purposes any working in the expansive noteworthy focus, strung with trenches specked with ornate extensions, can be viewed as a fascination.

This is an enchanted city, with a not insignificant rundown of real attractions. Its Hermitage Museum, housed in the Winter Palace of the Romanov Dynasty, is both one of the world's most noteworthy and most seasoned accumulations of craftsmanship, fortune, and ancient pieces, and one of its most excellent structures. Holy person Petersburg has a huge recorded and social legacy. The city has 221 historical centres, 2000 libraries, more than 80 theatres, 100 show associations, 45 displays and presentation corridors, 62 films and around 80 other social foundations. Consistently the city has around 100 celebrations and different rivalries of craftsmanship and culture, including more than 50 universal ones. So book cheap tickets to St. Petersburg today and appreciate this city!

Top 6 things to do in Petersburg

5 facts about Petersburg


There are approximately 600 bridges in Saint-Petersburg, 22 are drawbridges.


The city has 70+ theatres and the annual theatre carnival was held in April 2016.


St. Petersburg has almost 300 museums; each year the city has the “The Night of Museums Festival”.


This city is known as the coffee capital of Russia.


This city is well-known by its white nights during May, June and virtually in the whole month of July.

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